Geomatics and Aerial Environmental Research Group (GAERG)



Geomatics and Aerial Environmental Research Group has three principal goals: to conduct environmental research by utilizing state of the art technologies and analytical techniques, to provide students opportunities for research and on demand work experience, and to forward scientific knowledge for the betterment of human and wildlife communities.

Projects Completed

- McGee Creek, Inyo County. Surveyed various sections of the creek to monitor soil erosion in order to assist officials in maintaining and restoring the riparian habitat.

- Wind Wolves Preserve, Bakersfield. Utilized a UAV to generate a map in order to assist officials in maintaining kit foxes.

- California State University Northridge. Utilized a UAV to detect heat loss in various CSUN buildings so that plant managers can reduce energy costs.


-Surveying : Various surveying equipment are used to analyze land forms and natural features.

-Environmental Analysis: Water, Sediment, hydrophobicity, and dendrochronology analysis.

-Geospatial Programs: ArcMap for geospatial analysis, ERDAS IMAGINE for applications in remote sensing, TerrSet for environmental modeling, and HEC-RAS for stream modeling.

-Team work. Working as a team is a huge part in GAERG. Effective teamwork is a skill that is often overlooked by many students, but is highly emphasized by employers.

-Project management. GAERG aims to complete projects in a timely manner. As such, students involved will learn how to efficiently plan and implement various types of projects.

-Life. GAERG projects are always dynamic. Whether it is getting a vehicle stuck in sand, freezing in a blizzard, or swarmed by poison oak, things happens. GAERG members will learn life skills that they carry for the rest of their lives.

People and the projects.

Students in GAERG come from various different backgrounds and disciplines. However, they are all like minded in their pursuit of improving the environment.The struggles and adventures the dronites face, forge lasting friendships and promote humanistic understanding. The projects that GAERG undertake are unique and always changing. The projects not only benefit the students by promoting new skills, but every completed project is one small step closer to a healthier planet.