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North Campus Parking Permit Discounted 50% 

The North Campus F10 parking permit is available at $180 per academic year.  This is a 50% savings off the cost of a standard, main campus parking permit.  Also, you may now purchase the F10 permit on a semester basis for $90.  Those choosing to purchase the F10 permit are restricted to parking only in the F10 lot, located at Lindley Avenue and Lassen Street.  The option to park in other main campus lots will require the standard all campus permit ($360 per academic year /$180 per semester). The Housing Shuttle operates only during the Fall and Spring semesters.  Shuttles run every 15 minutes from the F10 lot and drop off in the campus core, south of Redwood Hall. 

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Parking Services at (818) 677-2157 or


Welcome to the Department of Police Services and the Parking & Transportation Home page.  The Parking & Transportation Division has a dedicated staff available to assist you with your parking needs.  Whether you are seeking information on directions to the campus, need a jump start, or need to purchase a parking permit, you can find answers to your questions on the links to this page or by calling our office. 

If your need is to discover alternative means of transportation to the campus, please feel free to connect to us via our Transportation page.  There you will find options and incentives to decrease our dependence on single occupancy vehicles to our campus. 

Our Department pro-actively looks for ways to respond to Campus needs.  A few exciting points are our recent collaborations with the College of Engineering and Associated Students.  Parking Services is proud to be a part of the coordination and installation of two electric charging stations in parking lot E5, adjacent to Jacaranda Hall.  This project goes hand-in-hand with another project that the senior design class is working on with Facilities Management, which is to install solar panels on the roof of Jacaranda Hall.  The goal is to offset the consumption with solar energy.  These units will better serve the EV (Electric Vehicle) community with a green solution while providing an educational resource to the engineering department.  Our most recent  partnership with Associated Students has allowed us to bring Zipcar to campus.  Please visit our web-site periodically to get updates on our programs.

Please remember that California State University, Northridge requires a valid parking permit be displayed on all vehicles parked on campus on a 24/7 basis.​