Interpreting the Crime Log

The federal Crime Awareness and Security Act of 1990 requires all post-secondary institutions participating in Title IV student financial assistance programs to disclose campus crime statistics and security information.  In compliance with the federal reporting requirement, the daily crime log records all criminal incidents and alleged criminal incidents that are reported to the Department of Police Services. 

Note: Some incidents with a case number involve information received from other University Administrators, who are defined by federal law as campus security authorities”. These administrators share non-identifying information, with the University Police, that is provided by the victim. In these incidents, the victim did not file an official police report and therefore, it is not always possible to provide information regarding the five areas typically covered in the Crime Log, i.e. (Report Number, Offense, Date Reported, Date Occurred, Time, General Location, Synopsis, Disposition). Because an official report was not filed, there will be no disposition. These incidents are reported to the University Police for statistical purposes and are posted to the Crime Log as the information is received by the University Police.

According to Federal Law, an institution may withhold any of the required fields of entry, i.e. the nature, date, time, location and/or disposition if any of the following conditions apply:

  1. The disclosure is prohibited by law 
  2. If disclosure would jeopardize the confidentiality of the victim. 
  3. If disclosure would jeopardize an ongoing criminal investigation or the safety of an individual 
  4. If disclosure would cause a suspect to flee or evade detection 
  5. If disclosure would result in the destruction of evidence

Crime Log Disposition Definitions

The following is an explanation of the terminology used to complete the Disposition section of the CSUN Department of Police Services Crime Log:

Investigation Continued: The case is currently being investigated by CSUN PD.

Unfounded: The case is determined through investigation to be false or baseless. No offense occurred nor was attempted.

Case Closed. Referred to Human Resources: The case is referred to the appropriate supervisory employee or to Human Resources Department. Those departments review the case and determine if disciplinary action will be initiated.

Case Closed. Referred to Outside Agency: The case is being investigated by a law enforcement agency other than CSUN PD.

Case Closed. Referred to Student Affairs: The case has been forwarded to the Office of Student Affairs, Judicial Officer. That office is responsible for reviewing the case and for determining whether or not the student(s) involved will be charged with a violation(s) of the Student Code of Conduct.

Cleared by Other Means: The victim decided not to press charges or follow through with criminal process.

Cleared by Arrest/Citation: Cleared by adult arrest, juvenile arrest, adult citation, or juvenile citation. The suspect has been arrested and/or cited.

Case Closed: Case has no solvability, no further investigative action is required.