Mantra for Fall 2020 – Expect the unexpected!

Things can change daily.  Flexibility is the new norm.

Things to remember:

  1. Make sure your Zoom name indicates that you are an interpreter or transcriber for ease of identification.  (Example – INTERPRETER Joe Smith; TRANSCRIBER Ann Brown)
  2. Practice patience, flexibility, and compassion.

Online Class Types:

  • FOA – Fully Online and Asynchronous – these classes do not have a set meeting time.  There are no on-campus meetings.
  • FOS – Fully Online and Synchronous – these classes have a set meeting time.  There are no on-campus meetings.
  • FOI – Fully Online and Intermittent – these classes have some set meeting times and some work is done outside of the synchronous sessions.

See the bottom of the page for the Service Provider FAQ.

Information and Forms for Service Providers  

To request a sub in one of your classes or pick up and manage sub work, click the button below:

Service providers are a vital part of the National Center on Deafness community, playing a large role in helping deaf and hard-of-hearing students achieve their educational objectives.

Service Providers Procedures Manual

Fiscal year 2020-2021 online self-reporting due dates

2020-2021 Payroll Calendar

Stretching Guide for Service Providers and Office Staff (from CSUN Environmental Health and Safety department)

Request for Service Provider Availability

University Travel 

Student Academic Calendar

FAQ for Service Providers

I’ve seen messages pop up on my loaner laptop that tell me there is a software update. Do I ignore it? Contact Jim? What do I do in that instance?

There are two types of updates.  First is a software update – this type of update is optional.  We do, however, recommend that you install these updates at the end of your workday or during your lunch break as it may be related to security, or update your settings to make things run better like bandwidth.  Other notifications that you may get will say something like “it is going to restart in 24 hours…”  These types of “cumulative” updates are crucial and should be installed at your first opportunity.  You will have to be logged into the VPN to process both types of updates.

How do I log into the VPN (Virtual Protection Network)?

Scott or Jim will make themselves available to help you with this.

Is there still a required lunch break?

Yes, all policies and procedures are to continue to be followed.

Introduction emails were sent out to faculty and cc’d to students and service providers. What’s next? How do we connect with the faculty and students?

The emails were sent to the faculty confirming the services in their class and so that they could add the service providers to their Canvas rosters.  Feel free to email professors or students if you need additional info to do your job, but please remember to include everyone in the loop so we all have the same info.

How do we find out the needs of the students for their classes?

You have their email addresses – just send them an email.  Some of the students you may know from previous semesters, but feel free to reach out to those you don’t.  Same with your teams if you’re not familiar with them.  Even better would be to Zoom – see who you will be looking for on that first day.

What is the standard practice for approaching classes? How are we preparing for classes and teaming? How do we prepare for the student to be on or off video?

Flexibility – flexibility – flexibility.  As for teaming – talk to your teams.  Determine ahead of time how you will indicate it is time to switch or how you will feed them info when necessary.  As most of you know from last semester, professors turned off the chat feature in Zoom so you may have to rely on texting or emailing each other.

Are transcribers still using Stream Text when necessary?


I had some issues over the summer with Stream Text. If I’m teamed with another TypeWell transcriber, do I need to use Stream Text?

If your team is a mix of RTC and CAT, then yes.  Otherwise, TypeWell teamed with TypeWell will just use their built-in web link feature.

Will the professors have weekly lectures, or will they be videotaping their lectures for us to caption?

Much of that remains uncertain.  The info we have been able to obtain at this point indicates that most classes will be live lectures.  However, we have also been finding out that professors are changing their minds.  So if you find something has changed that first day you show up in class, let us know immediately.  If you have a class that is showing a video that is not captioned, notify Scott.  We have already gotten over 1,000 requests to caption videos so hopefully, that will not happen.

If an 8/12 is willing to do a few hours of hourly work, who should we contact?

Notify Gabe of specific time slot(s) you are available.

I have a class that meets Mon/Wed, but the first class session is happening on Saturday, Aug 29th. Am I on IO for the first Mon/Wed of the semester?

Yes, we have noticed a few situations like this.  If the class is on your permanent schedule, you are on IO and available to us if the professor chooses not to meet on a particular day.