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Faculty Success and Achievement

2021-22 Academic Year

  • Finance professor, Dr. Inga Timmerman, offered her opinion on the cost of car insurance in 2021 in Bankrate's "Ask the Industry Experts" section. Read the article.

  • Finance professor, Dr. Inga Timmerman, was featured in a New York Times article about reassessing one's saving and spending habits. Read the article.

  • CSUN’s David Nazarian College of Business and Economics recently sponsored the World Trade Center of Los Angeles’s (WTCLA) Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Report Release webinar on June 2 where marketing professor, Dr. Qin Sun made a presentation on the importance of “Place Branding” in regard to foreign direct investment. The virtual event focused on the global economic disruption caused by COVID-19, which reduced FDI around the world, impacting California as well. Consequently, Dr. Sun’s presentation on place branding provided timely research on attracting and increasing foreign direct investment in California. Read the article.

  • Management Professor, Dr. Zhaleh Semnani-Azad, was recently featured in a BBC Worklife article sharing her expertise on the "Ask Gap" and how it perpetuates unequal pay. Read the article.

  • Finance professor, Dr. Inga Timmerman,  offered her opinion in WalletHub's "Ask the Experts" column on comprehensive car insurance. Read the article.

  • Managing Director of the CSUN Innovation Incubator was featured on an episode of the Startup 2.0 video series by Spark xyz. Startup 2.0 is a video series that features a new venture capital firm or seasoned entrepreneur covering subjects from raising capital to growth, and everything in between. Watch the video.

  • Marketing professor, Dr. Kristen Walker, presented on the topic of "Privacy Research in Marketing as Social Responsibility" in an Expert Workshop Session at the American Marketing Association's 2021 Summer Academic Conference with Kelly Martin of Colorado State University.

  • Insurance and Finance professor, Dr. David Russell provided his expertise for an AdvisorSmith.com on commercial auto insurance. Read the article

  • Business Law professor, Dr. Farshad Ghodoosi was awarded a grant by the National Science Foundation (NSF) as part of its program on Future of Work at the Human-Technology Frontier (FW-HTF). FW-HTF is one of the 10 big ideas for future NSF investments. As part of a convergent research with scholars from various engineering discipline, Prof. Ghodoosi focuses on the legal aspects of automation and its impacts on workers using Los Angeles organic waste industry as its test case. This aspect of this project will advance our knowledge in the human-technology frontier in at least two ways: (1) it investigates a new conceptual framework which departs from the status quo's reliance on hiring temporary workers to a more durable and bi-directionally robust relationship between workers and firms utilizing automation. (2) It offers a more efficient compliance regime to the evolving changing rules as opposed to status quo of manual compliance checking.  This is a prestigious and highly competitive grant which has been previously awarded to various scholars including those affiliated with leading universities such as Carnegie-Mellon University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Case Western Reserve University, University of Florida and Temple University. The grant amount will be used in conjunction with his project for surveys, data collection, and research assistant among others. For more information about FW-HTF, seehttps://www.nsf.gov/eng/futureofwork.jsp

  • Management professor, Dr. Lois Shelton provided her expertise on on women and entrepreneurship in Los Angeles Times article, "Dream of becoming your own boss? These women made it happen during COVID." Read the article

  • Business Law professor, Melanie Stallings Williams wonders whether pharmaceutical company Mylan’s actions regarding the EpiPen will survive legal scrutiny. Read the article

  • Business Law professor, Dr. Farshad Ghodoosi filed an amici curiae brief on the case Morgan v. Sundance, which discusses an important issue at the intersection of contracts and arbitration clauses. The brief was in support of granting the position and the U.S. Supreme Court agreed. Read the brief here

  • Management professor, Dr. Zhaleh Semnani Azadi joined the editorial board of the Group Decision and Negotiation Journal as an Associate Editor. The journal takes on an interdisciplinary perspective with scholars from management and computer science and is categorized as an A journal in the ABDC journal ranking. 

  • Business Law professor, Farshad Ghodoosi was recently awarded with an Emerald Literati Award for Outstanding Reviewer by Emerald Publishing for his reviews of articles submitted to the International Journal of Conflict Management. This award is given to specialists in a designated area who have peer reviewed academic articles to verify research and share their own knowledge on the paper’s subject. Reviewers are judged by the Editorial Advisory Board based on their timeliness, quality, depth and amount of detail in their reviews. 

  • Management professor, Richard Moore was recently elected Chair of the Board of Directors for Community Corporation of Santa Monica. Community Corporation is a nonprofit which develops and manages low and moderate income housing in Santa Monica and the Westside of Los Angeles. It has 1,800 units under management with over 4,000 residents. Learn more about Community Corporation.

  • Management professor, Zhaleh Semnani-Azad was awarded a $5 million project, funded by the US Department of Defense’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), starting this semester. This research involves collaboration between the Nazarian College, Monash University in Melbourne, and Kings College London.  

  • Marketing professor, Ning Fu met the CSU Quality Learning & Teaching (QLT) certification for the MKT 448 course, being the first instructor from CSUN who has received this level of recognition. 

  • Finance professor, Inga Timmerman was appointed academic editor of the Journal of Financial Planning. This is one of our impact journals and the official journal of the Financial Planning Association. Read more

2020-21 Academic Year

  • Dr. Inga Timmerman, an associate professor of finance in CSUN’s David Nazarian College of Business and Economics, has been named the first recipient of the Dr. Mary Jean Scheuer Endowed Professorship in Finance, for her finance expertise and work as an educator and researcher. Read more

  • Finance Professor, Dr. Inga Timmerman, was featured as an expert on WalletHub, offering her knowledge on credit cards with rewards. Read more

  • Marketing professor, Dr. Kristen Walker, wrote a research curation about marketing and public policy with some notable scholars in the field. Read the article.

  • Executive in Residence, Wendy Greuel, was named as an “Icon of Influence” in the San Fernando Valley Business Journal’s “The Valley 200” list. Read more.

  • Business Law professor, Nanci Carr, was named the Carande Family Faculty Fellow by the Provost for her outstanding research, teaching, and service work. Read more.

  • Systems and Operations Management professor, Dr. Amir Gharehgozli, was named the Carande Family Faculty Fellow by the Provost for his outstanding research, teaching, and service work. Read more.

  • Business Law professor, Farshad Ghodoosi was awarded a grant by the Knight Foundation as part of its initiative on funding research related to the future of internet. Read more

  • Finance Professor, Heather Castle, was featured as an expert on WalletHub, offering her knowledge on fair-credit credit cardsRead more

  • Finance Professor, Dr. Siqi Wei, offered his expertise on share pledging in a Bloomberg News article about Malaysian tycoon, Lim Kok Thay's stake in cruise operator Genting Hong Kong Ltd. Read more.

  • Business Honors Director, Dr. Silvina Bamrungpong was featured on CSUN’s On Point news show speaking about the Small Business Consulting Program and how it's supporting the local business community. Watch the interview here

  • MBA Director, Dr. Kristen Walker was featured on NBC's Today in LA news show speaking about the Small Business Consulting Program and how it's supporting the local business community. 

  • MBA Director, Dr. Kristen Walker was featured in a San Fernando Valley Business Journal article about MBA enrollment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

  • Economics professor, Glen Whitman, received the Thomas S. Szasz Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Cause of Civil Liberties for 2020 by the Center for Independent Thought for his co-authored book Escaping Paternalism: Rationality, Behavioral Economics, and Public Policy, which “was described by economist-blogger Bryan Caplan as ‘an unbelievably learned, thoughtful, fair, wise, and inspired critique of applied behavioral economics in general and libertarian paternalism (a.k.a. “nudge") in particular.’” Read more

  • Professor Kurt Saunders, Chair of the Business Law Department, has published his third book, entitled Intellectual Property and the Law of Ideas (Taylor & Francis 2021).  Read more.

  • Business law professor, Nanci Carr,  shared her expertise on a lawsuit filed by Seed Beauty against Kylie Cosmetics, the makeup label of Kylie Jenner. Read more

  • Dr.Loren Naidoo, Assistant Professor in Management has been selected as the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics' 2021-22 CSUN Academic Affairs Research Fellow. His research topic will be "Employee Recognition Among Health Care Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic".

  • Dr. Rafi Efrat, Director of the VITA Clinic, was featured in a Wall Street Journal article speaking about the VITA Clinic and the tax filing date extension. Read more.

  • Dr. Qin Sun received an award for her outstanding work as an Associate Editor in 2020 for the Journal of Global Marketing.

  • MBA Director, Dr. Kristen Walker was featured in San Fernando Valley Business Journal article "Large Companies Learn to Ratchet Up Growth." Read more.

  • Finance professor, Dr. David Russell, was featured on CreditDonkey sharing his expertise on long term care riders on life insurance. Read more.

  • Four Nazarian College faculty were selected to receive an award for the 2021-22 Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (RSCA) Awards. 

    • Dr. Ardavan Asef-Vaziri, Systems & Operations Management for "A Simulation-Visualization Model for Integrated Design of Automated Storage and Retrieval and Automated Guided Vehicle Systems."
    • Dr. Akash Gupta, Systems & Operations Management for "Operational Linkages between COVID-19 Testing Strategies and Patient Recoveries."
    • Dr. Kunpeng Li, Systems & Operations Management for "How to Effectively Promote Electric Vehicle Adoptions: A Social Planner’s Perspective."
    • Dr. Loren Naidoo, Management for "Is Employee Recognition Contagious?"
  • Business Law professor, Nanci Carr, was interviewed by SportsHandle.com and shared her expertise on what constitutes as cheating in their article on the Phil Ivey Baccarat Saga. Read the article.

  • Marketing professor, Dr. Deborah Heisley, was featured in WalletHub’s "Ask the Experts" column and provided her opinion on advertising done by insurance companies. Read the article 

  • Marketing professor, Dr. Miriam Beruchashvili, and Directory of EY Career Center, Stuart Fried, were selected as recipients of CSUN’s Polished Apple award. This award is presented by a University Ambassador who wishes to give thanks to their nominee for helping them during their journey at CSUN.

  • Professor of Systems and Operations Management, Dr. Leily Kamali Farrokhvar, received funding for two research grants

    • “Open Platform to Attract, Organize, and Coordinate Volunteers for Rural and Small Urban Transit” funded by the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s Transportation Research Board (TRB).
    • “Ohio River Valley Supply Chain Scenario Analyses”, funded by Inter-Modal Holding LLC
  • Marketing professor, Dr. Deborah Heisley, was featured as a distinguished speaker at the Inaugural Academy of Marketing Visual Methods SIG Meetup, and spoke on the photo elicitation 'autodriving' method.

  • Management professor, Dr. Drew Foley, was named the Beta Gamma Sigma Professor of the Year. This award is given to a professor selected by the Beta Gamma Sigma student officers who encourages and honors high academic achievement by students of business; fosters in students an enduring commitment to the founding principles and values of Beta Gamma Sigma—honor and integrity, pursuit of wisdom, and earnestness; and supports the advancement of business thought and practice to encourage lifelong learning.

2019-20 Academic Year

  • Professor of Insurance and Finance, Dr. David Russell, was recently featured on AM BestTV for his presentation at the 2019 NCOIL (National Council of Insurance Regulators) Annual Meeting, which focused on how the evolving rules around the gig economy will boost insurance coverage. Watch the full interview here.

  • Marketing professor, Dr. Kristen Walker received a $230,960 grant from the National Science Foundation to explore how technology is acquired by school districts in California, which will inform the extent technology is used in K-12 school districts, and what price students, their teachers and their family members pay when it comes to their privacy. Read the full story here

  • Manangement Professor, Dr. Lois Shelton, was named as Longenecker Fellow at the 2020 USASBE Conference in January. Selection as a USASBE Justin G. Longenecker Fellow is the highest recognition that the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) gives to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the development, furtherance and benefit of small and medium businesses. Learn more here.

  • Business Law Professor, Nanci Carr, received the Best Paper Award (3rd place) for How Can We End #CancelCulture -- Tort Liability or Thumper’s Rule? at the 2020 Annual Conference of the Pacific Southwest Academy of Legal Studies in Business in Palm Springs. The paper was published in the Journal of Law and Technology of The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law, in May 2020. Read it, here

  • Marketing Professor, Dr. Kristen Walker, will serve as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing for the 2020-21 academic year. The Journal of Public Policy & Marketing (JPP&M) is the premier academic and professional journal that chronicles and analyzes the joint impact of marketing and governmental policies and actions on economic performance, consumer welfare, and business decisions. Written for concerned marketing scholars, policymakers, government officials, legal scholars, practicing attorneys, and executives, JPP&M examines the interface between marketing and public policy and the functioning and performance of the nation's economy.

  • Accounting Professors, Michael Doron and Kiren Dosanjh Zucker received the 2019 Best Paper award from the Academy of Accounting Historians Section's for their co-authored article, “Bookkeeper-Controller-CFO: The Rise of the Chief Financial and Chief Accounting Officer." The paper traces the evolution of the chief accounting and chief financial officers from minor figures in corporate governance for most of the 20th century to senior management positions by the late 1970s.

  • Management Professor, Dr. Lois Shelton, served as a keynote speaker on a panel at the United Nations Micro, Small & Medium-sized Enterprise (MSME) Celebration, co-sponsored with International Council for Small Business (ICSB). Dr. Shelton discussed how the International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior and Research (IJEBR, for which she is a co-editor), helps advance the UN goal of Human Development with its focus on the human and social dynamics of smaller enterprises.

  • Finance Professor, Dr. Inga Timmerman, was featured as an expert on WalletHub, answering questions about low interest credit cards. Read the article here.

  • Business Law Professor, Melanie Stallings Williams, was appointed the executive director of the California State University Real Estate and Land Use Institute (RELUI) by Chancellor Timothy P. White. This is the first time the institute is housed at CSUN. Read more.

2018-19 Academic Year

  • Marketing Professor, Dr. Art Shulman, has been awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from his undergraduate alma mater, Brooklyn College.

  • The article ""How Do Investment Companies Fare Under Obama and Trump Fiduciary Rules?” co-authored by Finance Professor, Dr. Kristine Beck, was cited in Barron's and Investment News

  • Systems and Operations Management Professor, Seung-Kuk Paik will serve on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Service Science Research. He has served on the editorial board since 2017. 

  • Systems and Operations Management Professor, Seung-Kuk Paik will serve on the Editorial Board of the Entrue Journal of Information Technology. He has served on the editorial board since 2011.

  • Paul Jennings Chair in Entrepreneurship and Professor of Management, Joanne Scillitoe, was featured in a San Fernando Valley Business Journal article about the Valley's most successful startups. Read the article here

  • Former Adjunct Marketing Professor, Hal Kassarjian, was awarded the Association for Consumer Research’s (ACR) Distinguished Service Award. This is ACR’s highest honor, and Hal is only the third recipient in the entire 50-year history of ACR.

  • Marketing Professor, Dr. Kristin Walker’s research about anger on social media in partnership with her Grenoble DBA student, Kimberly Legocki, was highlighted in the American Marketing Association’s (AMA) online publication, Marketing News. The article refers the pair’s study examining consumer responses on Twitter to company wrongdoings.

  • Paul Jennings Chair in Entrepreneurship and Professor of Management, Joanne Scillitoe, was featured in a WalletHub article about business credit cards. Read the article here

  • Marketing Professor, Dr. Qin Sun, accepted an invitation to serve a two-year appointment as Associate Editor for the Journal of Global Marketing. She will be Associate Editor for East Asia – China, Mongolia, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. Her appointment started in January 2019. 

  • Business Law Professor, Nanci Carr, received the third-place Best Paper award for her article, “‘#SP’ or ‘Thanks [Brand]’: Is Not Enough: FTC Guides for Social Media Influencers on Endorsements and Testimonials” from the Pacific Southwest Academy of Legal Studies in Business.

  • Marketing Professor, Dr. Barbara Gross was awarded the 2019 Marketing Educator's Association (MEA) Lifetime Contribution Award. MEA has been an important part of Barbara's career, and she has been an important part of MEA! Barbara has presented 16 competitive papers, 9 special sessions, 1 position paper and 2 roundtables. She received Best Paper Awards in 2017 and 2010 and also 1st Runner-up for Best Paper in 2015.  Barbara has also served on the board since 2006 and held many positions within the organization. 

  • Paul Jennings Chair in Entrepreneurship and Management Professor, Joanne Scillitoe, was named a U.S. Scholar to travel abroad and study in her respective area of interest. She conducted research in Madrid, Spain, on the impact of socio-tech ventures and their technological innovations. These entrepreneurial ventures were created with a social mission at their core, but also utilize technology to meet the needs of their beneficiaries. Read the full story here

  • Professor of Insurance and Finance, Dr. David Russell, received the 2019 Excellence in Teaching Award from the American Risk and Insurance Association (ARIA). This award recognizes excellence in risk management and insurance teaching, and it is the highest teaching recognition in the field.

2017-18 Academic Year

  • Marketing professors David Ackerman (#25) and Mary Curren (#47) are listed as among the top 99 "highly productive BME scholars," for their work published between 2005-2014. 

    Key Authors in Business and Management Education Research: Productivity, Topics, and Future Directions, is published in Decision Sciences. According to its authors this is the "first [study] to examine the productivity of BME (Business and Management Education) authors across disciplinary areas (I.e., accounting, economics, finance, information systems, management, marketing, and operations/supply chain management)."

  • Marketing Professor Kristen Walker's work on surrendering consumer information published in the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing ­ and specifically her "Sharing-Surrendering Information Matrix" ­has been included in the most recent edition of the Andrews & Shimp IMC textbook. 

    (NOTE: The citation for Kristen's original publication is: Kristen L. Walker (2016) Surrendering Information Through the Looking Glass: Transparency, Trust, and Protection. Journal of Public Policy & Marketing: Spring 2016, Vol. 35, No. 1, pp. 144-158.)

  • Marketing Professor Franck Vigneron's work was recognized in a recent study published in the Journal of Business Research: Gurski, H., & Woisetschlager, D. M. (2017) "Mapping the luxury research landscape: A bibliometric citation analysis,Journal of Business Research. According to the authors, this is the "first [study] to review the current state of luxury research."

    The authors mapped the research landscape to identify the most influential articles and most dominant intellectual foundations in the field of luxury research across disciplines. They examined 49,139 cited references from 1,315 publications from 1899 to 2015.

    Franck is listed as among the "Top 25 Most Influential Authors" and is listed in multiple sub-categories but specifically as one of the 6 most influential authors in the sub-topic of luxury culture and branding for his work published between 1996-2015. 

  • Qin Sun has been selected to serve as guest editor for a special issue of the Journal of Global Marketing. Qin’s special issue will publish research on digital marketing practices and online consumer behavior in China. 
  • Kristen Walker co-edits a special issue of the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, called Marketing & Public Policy in a Technology-Integrated SocietyThe issue hopes to present a diverse set of perspectives in marketing and public policy that inform the present and future availability and use of data in an increasingly technology‑integrated interactive society.
  • It was a night to honor exceptional mentors at California State University, Northridge, but the five recipients of the 2017 Don Dorsey Excellence in Mentoring Awards just wanted to talk about their students.

    Testimonials from former students spoke of Dommeyer as the “catalyst” to a successful career, someone who encouraged them to persevere until they reached heights they didn’t know they could reach. One former student was touched that Dommeyer wrote him a letter of recommendation for a job, and then followed up to see how things were going. Read More.

  • Marketing Professor Kristen Walker was one of a handful of faculty and staff nominated by CSUN for a prestigious CSU-systemwide Wang Award. Kristen was selected as a nominee for CSUN in the category of "Outstanding Faculty Innovator in Student Success." Read the Full List of Nominees.
  • California State University, Northridge marketing professor Curt Dommeyer has been honored with the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Marketing Educators’ Association (MEA) for his 39 years of dedication to advancing the practice and scholarship of marketing education. Read More.
  • Business Law Professor Nanci Carr received CSUN's "Exceptional Levels of Service to Students Award." This award is given to faculty that go beyond the requirements of regular faculty assignment in enhancing the student learning environment.
  • Marketing Professor Kristen was awarded the American Marketing Association's Kinnear Award for Best Article in the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing 2014-2016. The article, "Surrendering Information Through The Looking Glass: Transparency, Trust, & Protection" was published in Spring 2016 and explains the concept of surrendering to technology and presents a sharing- surrendering information matrix to address this phenomenon. The matrix clarifies the difference between surrendering versus sharing information online, leading to the proposition that current efforts to protect privacy and security, such as enhancing trust and transparency, lack legitimacy and will not be effective in the digital age.
  • Finance Professor, Inga Chira, is named President Elect for the Academy of Financial Services Association for next year.
  • Finance Professor, Dan McConaughy, has served as Editor of Business Valuation Review, an impact journal specialized in Business Valuations since 2014
  • Finance Professor, Michael Phillips, has been an invited speaker to give a “master class” lecture to the annual Accredited Investment Fiduciary conference every year since 2014
  • Finance Professors, Kristine Beck's and Inga Chira's paper, “Does the Source of Money Determine Retirement Investment Choices?" was reference in a U.S. News Money article
  • Nazarian College MAR, Cathleen Fager, was elected to the Board Of Directors of the systemwide CSU Academic Resources Conference in July 2018.
  • Marketing Professor, Kristen Walker, was chosen to serve on the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Consumer Affairs
  • Marketing Professor, Kristen Walker, was chosen to serve as co-editor of the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing's Special Issue on “Marketing and Public Policy in a Technology-Integrated Society.” 
  • Professor of Systems and Operations Management, Ardavan Asef-Vaziri, is serving as the Track Chair for Innovative Teaching at the Decision Science Institute (DSI) National Conference for the fourth year. This year's innovative teaching track has 89 presentations on topics such as building courses around web-based games, case studies, manual games, excel in the classroom, Omni channels of course delivery (online, hybrid, flipped, conventional, team-based), active learning, computers, and tablets in classroom, research-based teaching, teaching based research, etc. 
  • Business Law Department Chair, Melanie Williams, was named the Associate Director of the Real Estate and Land Use Institute (RELUI) in August.
  • Marketing Professor, Qin Sun, accepted an invitation to serve as permanent Co-Chair of the Session/Track on Global Marketing for the China Marketing International Conference (CMIC). This work is related to her editorial roles with the Journal of Global Marketing and the Journal of Asia Business Studies
  • Economics Professor, Robert Krol, was the invited speaker at a State Policy Network dinner in August 2017, addressing an audience of state think-tank CEOs on transportation issues. 
  • In January, Economics Professor, Robert Krol, appeared on the John Batchelor syndicated ABC radio program, co-hosted by Mary Kissel of the Wall Street Journal, in which he spoke on NAFTA and international trade policy. 
  • In January, Economics Professor and Adjunct Scholar at the Cato Institute in Washington, D.C, Shirley Svorny, was invited to speak at the Cato Health Policy Summit in Austin, Texas.
Economics Professor, Robert Krol, published several op-ed articles in newspapers across the country, including:
  • “Time to Rethink How We Fund Highways,” Washington Times, March, 2018.
  • “Managed Lanes can Reduce Traffic Congestion in Texas,” Houston Chronicle, January 2018.
  • “Can Tolls Fix Congestion and Help the Poor?” Orange County Register, LA Daily News, and Press Enterprise, December 2017.
  • “President Trump Stirs the Trade Policy Pot with NAFTA ‘Sunset Clause’,” Investor’s Business Daily, October 2017.
  • “Driving Toward a New Highway Federalism,” InsideSources, Newsday, Jacksonville Journal-Courier, Zionsville Times-Sentinel, September 2017.
  • “How Tolls Can Make U.S. Infrastructure Great Again,” The Fiscal Times, Yahoo! Finance, June 2017.

An article by Business Law Professors, Hilary Goldberg and Melanie Williams, and Marketing Professor, Dr. Deborah Cours has been cited in multiple publications. 

Goldberg, H., Williams, M., Cours, D. A. (2015).It's a Nuisance: Fracking Litigation in the Wake of Parr v. Aruba Petroleum Inc. University of Virginia, 33(1), 1-22.

  • The Law of Fracking section 14:4 (Thompson Reuters, 2017)
  • Fracking the Sacred: Resolving the Tension between Unconventional Oil and Gas Development and Tribal Cultural Resources, 94 Denver Law Review 319 (2017).
  • On Parr: The Use and Propriety of Appraisal Methods in Computing Fracking Awards, 35 Journal of Law and Commerce 55 (2016).
  • Community Levers for Benefit Sharing, 21 Lewis & Clark Law Review 357 (2017).
  • Shake, Rattle and Palsgraf: Whether an Actionable Negligence Claim Can be Established in Earthquake Damage Litigation, 11 Texas Journal of Oil, Gas & Energy Law 115 (2016).
  • Litigation against Fracking Bans and Moratoriums in the United States: Exit, Voice and Loyalty, 40 William and Mary Environmental Law & Policy Review 745 (2016).
  • Delegation and Dysfunction, 35 Yale Journal on Regulation 233 (2018). 

Business Law Professor, Melanie Williams's and Economics Professor, Dennis Halcoussis's article "Unions and Democracy:  When Do Nonmembers Have Voting Rights? " was cited by the Northwestern University Law Review in Reconciling Agency Fee Doctrine, the First Amendment, and the Modern Public Sector Union.

Business Law Professor, Melanie Williams's article "Tying and Bundled Discounts: An Equilibrium Analysis of Antitrust Liability Tests," has been cited by multiple publications. 

  • Antitrust Law Handbook, sections 2:18 (Tying arrangements) and 3:13 (Predatory pricing; bundled discounts and differential pricing) (Thomson Reuters 2017).
  • Holmes, Intellectual Property and Antitrust Law, sections 6:5 (Single firm monopolization, 8:2 (Tying arrangements), 36:5 (Tying restrictions), 36:6 (Pooling arrangements) (Thomson Reuters, 2018).
  • Systems and Operations Management Professor, Dr. Ardavan Asef-Vaziri was chosen to serve as Guest Editor of the special issue of the Journal of Supply Chain and Operations Management on Innovative Teaching.

  • Systems and Operations Management Professor, Kaveh Houshmand Azad was appointment to the Board of Examiners, Baldrige National Performance Excellence Program for the fourth year since 2013. 

  • Systems and Operations Management Professor, Kaveh Houshmand Azad was the Keynote Speaker at the Institute for Healthcare National Forum on Quality Improvement, speech title: Engaging Physicians in Leading Quality Improvement, December 2018, Orlando, FL.

2016-17 Academic Year

  • The Youth-Driven Information Privacy Education Campaign (YDIPEC) launched in August to help young people and their parents learn to safeguard their privacy online. The campaign is the culmination of a year-long grant awarded to California State University, Northridge marketing professors Kristen Walker and Tina Kiesler. Read More.
  • On April 6, David Ackerman was recognized as the 2017 Marketing Educator of the Year by the Marketing Educators' Association at its annual conference in San Diego.  Each year since 1981 that international organization has bestowed this coveted award on a scholar whose contributions over many years have substantially advanced the scholarship and practice of marketing. David Nazarian College of Business and Economics faculty have won the award more than marketing faculty at any other institution. Previously awarded faculty include: Max Lupul (1981), Hal Kassarjian (1993), Bruce Lammers (2002), Mary Curren (2009), and Barbara Gross (2014). Read More.

  • Dr. Kristen Walker of the Department of Marketing has been named the 2017 Kellstadt Speaker for Marquette University. This list of presenters for this prestigious annual event, which has been held since 1998, is a veritable Who’s Who of the Marketing Discipline.  The invitation letter to Dr. Walker characterized her as “a rising national star in our field.”  

  • The Office of Research and Graduate Studies, with support from the Jerome Richfield Memorial Fund, organizes each year an event that celebrates a CSUN faculty member engaged in high quality, high-impact research, where they are named as the Richfield Memorial Fellow. The Fellow presents a lecture at the Provost’s Colloquium Series, which is designed to highlight and celebrate the scholarly achievements of our faculty, and to provide an opportunity for socialization among faculty, administrators, students, and staff.

  • Finance professors, James Chong and Michael Phillips, were recognized as finalists for the Thought Leadership Paper at the 2016 Investment Marketing and Innovation Awards.

  • In May, Economics Professor, Robert Krol's article, “America’s Highways and Bridges Aren’t Exactly Crumbling” was syndicated by Tribune News Service and appeared in 26 newspapers, including Newsday, NY News, and the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

  • An article co-authored by Business Law Professor, Wade Chumney won the American Accounting Association’s Outstanding Paper Award.

    Journal of Legal Tax Research – Outstanding Paper Award
    David L. Baumer, Wade M. Chumney, and Roby B. Sawyers
    “Insider Trading and IRC Section 6103(e)(1)(D)(iii)”

  • Business Law Professor, Melanie Williams's article "The OPEC of Potatoes: Should Collusive Agricultural Production Restrictions Be Immune from Antitrust Law Enforcement?" was widely reported and cited in national and international media. (Read more news and watch the video here.)

Business Law Professor, Melanie Williams's and Economics Professor, Shirley Svorny's article "Bad Math: How Non-Union Employees are Unconstitutionally Compelled to Subsidize Political Speech" was cited in the publication "Government Discrimination: Equal Protection law and Litigation."

  • Systems and Operations Management Professor, Dr. Ardavan Asef-Vaziri will serve on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering for the third year in a row since 2013. 

2015-16 Academic Year

  • Finance Professor Hsin-Hui Chui's article titled “Can mutual fund flows serve as market risk sentiment?: An empirical analysis with credit default swaps (CDS) spreads,” was quoted in the Wall Street Journal article "Money-Fund Flows Are a Risk Meter." The article allows investors to use a simple, publicly available metric to measure risk. Dr. Chui's article was originally published in the Journal of Risk Finance.
  • Finance professors, James Chong and Michael Phillips, were awarded with "Journal of Index Investing  ETF/Indexing Paper of the Year" award at the 2015 William F. Sharpe Indexing Achievement Awards.

  • Research conducted by Finance professor Michael Phillips impacted the U.S. Federal Court's decision in the case of Taylor v Shipper's Transport. 

  • A U.S. patent 8935198 “Analysis and prediction of data using clusterization” was issued based on the work by Finance professor Michael Phillips.

  • Systems and Operations Management Professor, Dr. Ardavan Asef-Vaziri was named the President of CSUPOM, which publishes the Journal of Supply Chain and Operations Management and organizes research conferences.

2014-15 Academic Year

  • The Marketing Educators Association (MEA), an international organization whose mission is to advance the practice and scholarship of marketing education, awarded the “2014 MEA Marketing Educator of the Year Award” to CSUN marketing professor Barbara L. Gross. Dr. Gross received the award at the organization’s annual conference and was the keynote speaker at the annual awards banquet on April 24, 2014. Dr. Gross has been a member of MEA since 1999. She has served on the officer track as Vice President and Program Co-Chair 2006-07, President Elect and Program Co-Chair 2007-08, President 2008-09, and Immediate Past President 2009-10. She has since served annual on the organization’s Board of Directors in the position of Past President Director and Director At Large. She has contributed and presented numerous academic papers and special session discussions at annual MEA conferences over the years, as well as serving in other roles such as session chair. Since her first MEA Conference in 1999 she has attended every annual conference and has contributed at least one (and usually more) papers and presentations each year. 

  • Article: Ackerman, David S., Barbara L. Gross, and Kirti Sawhney Celly (2014), “Having Many Choice Options Seems Like a Great Idea, But …: Student Perceptions about the Level of Choice for a Project Topic in a Marketing Course, Journal of Marketing Education, Volume 38, pp. 221-232.

  • Finance professors, James Chong and Michael Phillips, were named finalists for "Journal of Index Investing  ETF/Indexing Paper of the Year" award at the 2014 William F. Sharpe Indexing Achievement Awards.

  • The book “Economics of the Undead,” by Economics professor, Glen Whitman, and Finance professor, Jim Dow, was cited by Wall Street Journal. Click here for more details. 

  • The California Supreme Court cited a joint research by Finance professor Michael Phillips and Business Law professor Melanie Williams.

  • The California Court of Appeals discussed research by Finance professor Michael Phillips in a court decision.

  • Economics Professor, Tom Lee’s article (co-authored with Louis L. Wilde), "Market Structure and Innovation: A Reformulation," Quarterly Journal of Economics, March 1980, 94, 429-36, was cited by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences as providing an important early theoretical foundation for the work of 2014 Nobel laureate, Jean Tirole, on innovation and patent races.  See "Jean Tirole: Market Power and Regulation," a paper compiled by the Royal Swedish Academy's Economic Sciences Prize Committee as scientific background on the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, p. 24.