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Upper Division Mentoring


To schedule an advisement appointment, please contact Nazarian College Student Services Center and EOP Satellite for advisement: www.csun.edu/NazarianCollegeAdvisement or the Nazarian Associate Dean's Office at 818-677-2466 or

Change of Major or Minor

You do not need an appointment in order to request a change of major or minor.

  • Students who have completed 90 or more units need to submit the paper Change of Major or Minor form.
    • If you are changing/adding majors: Please attach a copy of your Degree Progress Report from the current month under the desired major.
    • If you are requesting to add a minor: Please attach a copy of your Degree Progress Report from the current month under your current major.
  • You may submit the appropriate documents to the Associate Dean's Office in Bookstein Hall (BB) 3109 (formerly Juniper Hall).

Students who have completed less than 90 units may add, change or drop their major/minor online by visiting their myNorthridge account. A tutorial is available online at: http://www.csun.edu/admissions-records/change-major-minor.

Applying for Graduation

Students do not need to schedule an appointment in order to apply for graduation. Graduation applications can be submitted online through myNorthridge Portal. Please review our information sheet and use the How to Guide for assistance. For graduation application deadlines, please visit the Undergraduate Degree Services website:  http://www.csun.edu/admissions-records/uds/calendar.

Once the online graduation application is submitted, please follow the steps below:

Complete the Degree Progress Report/Planner. All courses should be completed, marked as IP (In Progress), or marked as PC (Planned course). If you need assistance, please review the Degree Progress Report and Planner Guide.

    Drop off your Degree Progress Report (DPR)/Planner in Bookstein Hall (BB) 3109 (formerly Juniper Hall) for review.

      • A hold is placed on your account for your graduation term once you apply for graduation; therefore, it is important that you submit the above documents to notify our office that your application has been submitted.
      • A plan of your remaining coursework must be submitted to demonstrate that you know your remaining requirements.
      • If for any reason you are unable to use the online Planner, you may plan your remaining courses on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to the DPR.

      The Upper Division Mentor will review your DPR/Planner within 10-15 business days and will send an email once your advisement hold is removed.

        • Please carefully review the email that is sent to you since it contains important information about your path toward graduation.
        • Please check your DPR regularly to ensure that you are on track and consult with an advisor if you have any questions or notice that you may not finish by your intended graduation date.


        Note: If you are unable to apply for graduation online, please submit the Application for Bachelor’s Degree and Diploma along with your DPR/Planner to BB 3109 for review. Once the form is reviewed, you will receive an email indicating that it is ready to pick up from our office. Signatures expire within 30 days; therefore, you will need to pick up your documents within that time frame and submit them to Undergraduate Degree Services in BH 170 along with the appropriate fee to complete the application process.

        Course Planning and Questions

        To schedule an appointment, please call the Associate Dean's Office at (818) 677-2466 or visit in person in Bookstein Hall (BB) 3109 (formerly Juniper Hall).

        Please bring a copy of your Degree Progress Report from the current month to your appointment.