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Nazarian College Standing Committees

Academic Technology Committee (ATC)


Joon Moon
Wade Chumney
Edward Kung
James Chong
Zhaleh Semnani Azad
Ning Fu
Leily Farrokhvar

Ex-officio, non-voting members:

Paul Lazarony (Associate Dean)

Cathleen Fager (DFO)

Wayne Smith (CSUN Academic Technology Committee representative)


Assurance of Learning and Accreditation Committee (AoL)


Kiren Dosanjh Zucker (fall)/Monica Gianni (spring)
Ray Calnan (fall)/Hilary Silvia (spring)
Glen Whitman 
James Dow
Julia Hoch
Amy Wen
Akash Gupta

Non-voting members:

Ray Calnan, AoL Director
Paul Lazarony, Associate Dean, Chair
Chandra Subramaniam, Dean

Business Honors Program Advisory Committee


Jun Zhan
Wade Chumney, Chair
Leah Marcal (fall)/Dennis Halcoussis (spring)
David Russell
Cristina Rubino
Nora Moran
Eric Hu

Non-voting members:

Fernanda Reyes, BH Student Representative

vacant, BHA Alumni Chapter Representative

Silvina Bamrungpong, BHP Director

Hilary Silvia, BHA Advisor (Silvina Bamrungpong, BHA Advisor, Fall 2022)

College Personnel Committee (CPC)


Rafi Efrat
Ray Calnan
Glen Whitman - Chair, Spring 2023
Vincent Covrig - Chair, Fall 2022
Lois Shelton
David Ackerman
Jeff Zhang

Curriculum Management and Policy Committee (CMaP)


Donny Wang
Suyan Zheng
Kent Hymel (fall)/Soma Patra (spring)
Yanbo Jin
Phil Gorman, Chair
Maia Beruchashvili
Pouyan Eslami

Ex-officio, non-voting members:

Ray Calnan, AoL Director

Paul Lazarony, Associate Dean

vacant, undergraduate academic advisor

Graduate Committee


Sung Wook Yoon
Farshad Ghodoosi
Leah Marcal
Siqi Wei
Loren Naidoo, Chair
Qin Sun
Leily Farrokhvar

Ex-officio, non-voting members:

Kristen Walker, MBA Director

Rafi Efrat, MST and MPAcc Director

Amir Gharehgozli, MS BANA Director

Ray Calnan, AoL Director
Monica Gianni, CSUN Graduate Studies Committee representative

Impact Journal Rankings Task Force

Michael Doron

Farshad Ghodoosi, Chair

Kent Hymel

Kristine Beck

Sigalit Ronen

David Ackerman

Pouyan Eslami

Paul Lazarony, Associate Dean, ex-officio member as Chair of the Assurance of Learning and Accreditation Committee


Faculty Awards and Grants Committee


Manuela Dantas, Chair
Nanci Carr
Francisco Beltran Silva
James Chong
Phil Gorman
David Ackerman
Jessica Sheng



Ning Fu (term through 2022-23 AY)

Mahdi Najafabadi (term through 2023-24 AY)

Sigalit Ronen (term through 2023-24 AY)

Paul Lazarony, associate dean

Courtney McIntyre, executive director, Development and External Relations

Michelle Street, director, Student Services Center and EOP Satellite

Strategic Vision and Assurance Committee (SVAC)

Joon Seok Moon

Valerie Flugge, Chair

Edward Kung

James Dow

Sanjay Jain

Dong Liu

Kunpeng Li

Ken Rappe, staff representative

Justin Tolchinsky, student representative

Richard Schweitzer, DNCBE Advisory Board Chair

Chandra Subramaniam, Dean