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The David Nazarian College of Business and Economics Student Services Center and EOP Satellite (SSC/EOP) offers a variety of support services in order to promote and foster student development and academic success. Holistic services offered include: new freshmen and transfer advisement, assisting students identify and achieve long and short term goals, academic advisement, graduation planning, and referrals to College and University resources for academic, personal, and professional development. The Center also provides additional specialized services to Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) students. Please feel free to visit us in Juniper Hall 2113 when you are on campus. We are here to help!

Student Guide

This Guide is designed to ease your transition to California State University, Northridge (CSUN) and to outline what is expected of you during the academic advising appointments you will have throughout your undergraduate education. In addition, it provides a description of the information you can expect to receive from the  advising community and lets you know what policies and procedures you should learn and implement as you advance in your studies and move toward graduation.

Please refer to this web page and refer to it before each advising appointment. Additional information on academic advising can be found in the CSUN Catalog and your myNorthridge portal.

What is Academic Advising at CSUN?

The mission of academic advising is to assist  students in forming intentional partnerships  that connect their needs, values, abilities and  goals to CSUN’s educational program.   Academic advising is an on-going relationship and a collaborative process that will help you  identify and reach your academic objectives through investigation and use of a wide variety of campus personnel and resources.

Academic advising is the shared responsibility of faculty, staff and students.  It incorporates the continuum of teaching and learning moments that both stimulate and support students in their quest for an enriched quality of life. These interactions assist students in realizing their academic and professional goals and facilitate timely graduation.

What Are the Objectives of Academic Advising at CSUN?

You will explore and learn many new things as a CSUN student. Your academic advising experiences will help you to:

  • Understand campus policies and processes and be able to transact necessary University business.
  • Be aware of the University’s academic expectations and be prepared to accept the responsibilities of campus membership.
  • Become familiar with the skills, abilities and resources that enhance academic success.
  • Take an active role in researching, understanding, committing to and completing a major.
  • Understand how your choice of major and career path are informed by your individual strengths and challenges.
  • Understand the requirements for graduation.

CSUN’s Commitment to a Responsive and Quality Academic Advising Experience

The academic advising community at California State University, Northridge is committed to providing a quality and responsive experience throughout your enrollment. A dynamic academic advising experience requires feedback from you. You will be contacted periodically to participate in surveys and focus groups to ensure that CSUN is responding to your needs and that you are meeting the objectives that are outlined in this Student Guide. Your prompt responses to these requests will ensure that you and your fellow students receive the highest quality support possible from CSUN.

Staying on the Pathway to Graduation:

What Should You Know and When Should You Know It?

In addition to mastering their studies, successful candidates for graduation must also gain an understanding of campus polices, processes, resources and requirements. These general guidelines are intended for both freshmen and transfer students. Transfer students will face parallel challenges to new freshmen. While some of these bullets will apply only to freshmen, successful transition by transfer students will facilitate graduation, too. It is to everyone’s advantage to master this information. The following recommendations should keep all students on the right track.