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Centers and Institutes

The Nazarian College maintains centers and academic programs as resources to encourage teaching, curriculum development, research, and interaction between the College and the business community.

Center for China Finance and Business Research

Yanbo Jin, Director


The key mission of the center is to pursue scholarly research and publications related to China's finance and business through collaboration with faculty and researchers from China. To carry out this mission, the Center has invited two visiting scholars from leading universities in China to come to the center to collaborate on research during the academic year of 2011-12. Together we will conduct research on China's financial market and write papers for publication.


1. To continue research collaborations with Chinese visiting scholars on issues related to China's finance and business.

2. To visit Universities in China and conduct exchanges on both research and teaching.


1. Facilitate the pursuit of scholarly projects and publications related to China's finance and business.

2. Provide professional and advisory services to faculty, students, and community through seminars, visiting China, internships, independent studies, and training programs.

3. Promote exchange of China's finance and business information through creating databases, working papers, published papers, websites, visiting research fellows, and updating regulatory and policy changes in China.

4. Conduct research that leads to a better understanding of the dynamic business relationship between the U.S. and China.


1. Collaborate on research with Chinese visiting scholars.

2. Conduct research seminars on research issues related to China's finance and business.

3. Visit Chinese Universities to exchange information on research and teaching related to both China and US finance and business.


Our connection with the Chinese research community and frequent exchanges with visiting scholars from China's leading Universities.

Center for Financial Planning and Investment

G. Michael Phillips, Director

List Advisory Board or Community Board Members:

  • William Jennings
  • Andrew Crowell
  • Doug Christopher

For additional information, please visit:  Center for Financial Planning and Investment alternate site.


The CFPI members will continue public speaking, performing applicable academic research, curriculum development, building strategic alliances, and continue to develop our service to the broader community.


To promote and develop financial planning and investment education and better prepare our students for careers in the financial planning and investing industry, for life-long learning, and for service to their communities.


Promote curriculum development and the provision of innovative educational programs; to promote the professional growth and development of faculty, students, and professionals in the fields of financial planning and investment; to increase communication among faculty, students, and professionals in the financial planning and investment fields; to support the pursuit of scholarly projects and publications related to financial planning, investments, and personal financial applications of finance, real estate, and insurance.


1. Work with Department of Finance to achieve "Registered Program Status" by the CFP Board of Registry;

2. continue growing cooperation with local professional organizations through public speaking and board participation;

3. attend national conferences related to personal financial planning

4. develop relationships with key companies in the personal financial planning and investment industry;

5. continue developing relationships with leading doctoral programs in personal financial planning;

6. continue academic research aimed at high profile financial planning and investment journals.


Solid relationships with industry and community leaders, impactful research, growing reputation among graduate programs and other financial planning leaders.

Center for Risk and Insurance

David T. Russell, Director

For additional information, please visit the Center at


Support students and faculty through scholarships, professional exam fee reimbursement and faculty development/research support.


We will double revenues and triple the number of students touched by our programs.


Raise funds and increase student participation in our programs.


Increase meetings with insurance community.


We are increasing outreach in the insurance community--we have a number of opportunities to increase scholarship and discretionary funding.