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    CSUN Innovation Incubator

CSUN Innovation Incubator

The CSUN Innovation Incubator (Cii) helps students turn business ideas into marketable products and programs, resulting in successful enterprises. Students receive comprehensive and tangible feedback on their mature ventures, including mentorship from professionals with experience developing start-ups. This level of direct interaction with business mentors provides students with a real-world understanding of what it takes to launch a new innovation, something that’s hard to produce in a classroom setting.

Cii partners with a vast array of activities on campus, helping to answer the question “What’s next?” and providing a consistent philosophical framework for approaching the challenges of each successive phase.

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Cii provides enormous benefits to entrepreneurs affiliated with the program:


Although housed in, and supported by the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics, the scope of our outreach is to the entire CSUN community.  We fundamentally believe that creating teams of people with complementary skill sets unleashes an enormous reservoir of creativity. It is our mission to bring the most energetic, creative, passionate people together and support them as they solve the world's most pressing concerns.