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WARNING: Never share your CSUN password with anyone, and report suspicious email to

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Welcome to Gmail – Student email supported by CSUN

Your Gmail account serves as your official email account with the university which means that the university will use it for official university communications. You are responsible for monitoring your Gmail account and the information the university sends to it.

To access your new Gmail account, sign in with your CSUN email address. If you do not know your CSUN email address, you can obtain it by logging in to the myNorthridge Portal and visiting the Student Center (SOLAR). Your CSUN email address is located under Personal Information.

Storage Quotas

Please review the following storage quotas:

  • Applicants: 1 GB
  • Enrolled/Active Students: 25 GB
  • Graduated Students: 0 GB (Their email will need to be forwarded if they want to retain the address)

CSU, Northridge Terms of Service (.pdf)   

Google Terms of Service

Additional applications are provided to you by Google and are not supported by California State University, Northridge.

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