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CSUN Canvas e-Portfolio Challenges & Prizes

CSUN Canvas e Portfolio Challenges

CSUN students are invited to participate in CSUN's Portfolium Challenges to win prizes and awards and get noticed by potential employers! 

Matador Moments 2021/22

“Matador Moments: Welcome First-Year Students and Returning Matadors." Matador Moments is an online challenge that reflects on first-year student experiences for Freshmen and Transfer students. This year CSUN Portfolium teamed up with the Office of Student Success to invite all CSUN students to participate in our annual Matador Moments Challenge. We invite all CSUN students to share their reflections on Portfolium about their experience attending virtual classes and in-person classes for the hybrid academic year. We ask the participating students to reflect on the following questions; What have you learned from being a student during a pandemic? What have you learned about yourself? How were you able to overcome challenges? and how can we support and motivate other Matadors as we transition back to campus?     

To view last year's project submissions, visit: Official CSUN Portfolium Matador Moments webpage.

tay tuned as we annouce our upcoming Matador Moments 2022/2023 challenge! 

Spring 2021 Matador Moments Winners

In partnership with the Office of Student Success, we had a panel of judges collaborate on selecting the three winning students.

We would like to thank all participating students for sharing their reflections about  their personal experiences studying off-campus and attending virtual classes. All the stories shared were inspiring and impactful-- encouraging all Matadors to unite and rise through these challenges together.  

We are happy to announce the winning three students in each category:

Written submission winner: 

Deborah Clem: "Matador"

Photo submission winner: 

Elise Eley: "Matador Moments 2021"

Multimedia slideshow winner: 

Isabelle Ruvalcaba-Luna:  "Becoming Isabelle"

2022- The U100 Freshman Celebration Awards

 Judge's Grand Prize Award for Best Overall Project

 People's Choice Award for the Favorite Project

2021- The U100 Freshman Celebration Awards

Judges’ Grand Prize – Motion Graphics Project⁠
Professor Keli Rowley’s U100 Kinesiology cohort⁠
View Kelly's project here

Judges Grand Prize – Still Image(s) Project⁠
Professor Marvin Villanueva’s U100 FreshStart/EOP cohort⁠
View project here

 2020- The U100 Freshman Celebration Judge’s Grand Prize-winning projects

Motion-Graphics Project

Debbi Mercado’s U100 class: NCOD/Deaf Studies cohort

Still Image(s) Project

Elizabeth Riegos Olmos’ U100 class: EOP FreshStart cohort

Thank you to everyone who participated, Congratulations to all of the sections for the hard work and thoughtfulness you put into the projects. The projects were truly inspirational and so enjoyable to view.

Interested in learning more about Portfolium Challenges? Read about past winners and challenges.

Other Challenges and Events

U100 Freshman Celebration - The Freshman Celebration is an annual CSUN event that showcases work created by first-time freshmen enrolled in University 100 during the fall semester.

Cloud Jam - Cloud Jam presents student teams with cloud computing resources and tools to solve real-world challenges. Students learned about cloud concepts and had access to resources from top cloud providers to compete against other student teams.

APPJAM - Spring 2015, was our first CSUN Portfolium event- 24 students teamed together to create apps and competed in one of two categories: student life or student finances. 

My CSUN Story Challenge - Students shared and reflected through a video - a personal journey that led to where they are now. What obstacles have they overcome? Why are they at CSUN? and what goals lie ahead. 

VARJAM - The VARJAM competition offered all CSUN students an opportunity to create a Virtual Reality (VR) project. 

AI JAM - Students used AI tools to develop an innovative solution. Use the resources in Canvas and support from the community and AI experts to bring the student's idea to life. 

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