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Latest Updates

The AI-Jam competition has completed! In this competition, students from all over campus solved a problem using artificial intelligence tools, learned about AI concepts and had access to resources to compete against peers for prizes and awards.


Congratulations to our six AI-Jam winners. Three teams from the Research track and three teams from the Innovation track were selected as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. See the diagram below for more information on the AI-Jam tracks. Thank you to all 12 teams who participated!


1st: KLab's Butterflies -  Artificial intelligence and a robot mimic a child with a behavioral or learning challenge to better teach and train students how to work with real children who may experience similar reactions. View the team's Portfolium entry to learn more.

2nd: AI-Adventurers - An innovative approach to food and healthy eating using artificial intelligence and image recognition to better help us portion control and lead more healthy lifestyles. View the team's Portfolium entry to learn more.

3rd: Helia Nutrition and Health - Increases accuracy of one's food log by using artificial intelligence and image recognition to track an individual's intake to improve health and increase health awareness. View the team's Portfolium entry to learn more.


1st: AI-Amigos - A tool to help students excel their career by using a chatbot on facebook to answer any questions the student may have about the CSUN Career Center. View the team's Portfolium entry to learn more.

2nd: Deaf Connect - Using machine learning and natural language processing, this artificial intelligence project helps the deaf community to have more resources such as speech to text translation. View the team's Portfolium entry to learn more. 

3rd: AI-Caramba - This artificial intelligence project uses natural language processing to recognize voice commands through Alexa to help students find information about the career center in a more intuitive and friendly manner. View the team's Portfolium entry to learn more.

How AI-Jam Works

Students entered as teams and selected from one of two tracks: Innovation or Research.
Open an accessible PDF version of the image below.

Track options for AI-JAM