The VARJAM competition offered an opportunity for all CSUN students to let their imagination soar as they worked in teams to develop either an Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) project. Projects focused on education, student life, entertainment, health, productivity, and more. 

Awards were given to an AR and VR project (one each) based on the (a) innovative and creative way that the idea made a difference (b) effective use of the VAR technology, and (c) quality of the multimedia presentation and in-person demonstration.

Teams submitted a two-minute multimedia presentation describing their VR or AR project, uploaded it to Portfolium, and demonstrated it in-person at the VARJAM Showcase event. Both the presentation and in-person demonstration was evaluated by a panel of judges.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

1st Place VR Winner - Adventure VR

1st Place AR Winner - CSUN StrengthsQuest

Popular Vote Winner - Color Magic

Meet the winning teams:

1st Place VR - Adventure VR

  • Miranda Taylor

2nd Place VR - CSUN 3D

  • Kenneth Camara
  • Toshiki Glynn
  • Guy Imberman
  • Garett Johnson
  • Lupe Julio
  • Katrina Louie
  • Fabian Luna
  • Ashley Martz
  • Jonathan Mulyadi
  • Drew Palacio
  • Andres Perez

3rd Place VR - Classify

  • Brianna Beasley
  • Angel Hernandez
  • Marvin Mallari

1st Place AR - CSUN StrengthsQuest

  • Gabriel Almendarez
  • Gordon Greer
  • Marilyn Hightower
  • Guy Imberman

2nd Place AR & Popular Vote Winner - Color Magic

  • Matthew Benedetti
  • Glenda Gonzalez damas
  • Jonathan Jones
  • Sergio Marmarian
  • Gino Manasan
  • Akshay Nande
  • Tuan Quang

3rd Place AR - GSTAR

  • Francesca Campisi
  • Yesem Demeke
  • Nora Mikail
  • Andrew Pacleb
  • Jose Serrano