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CSUN AppJam 2016

All CSUN students--undergraduate and graduate students--were invited to compete in CSUN’s mobile app competition and four winners were announced at the AppJam Showcase on March 30th.

This year's challenge was to create a mobile app that solves a real-life problem for the campus or your community.

The first place prize was $3,000. The second place prize was $2,000, and the third place prize was $1,000. This year there was also a popular vote award hosted through Portfolium with a prize of $500. AppJam 2016 winners will also receive start-up consulting services from LACI@CSUN and Bixel Exchange to help take their apps to the next level.

View the 2016 projects or view the AppJam Showcase photo gallery.

Young man looking at a mobile device, representing the Fyndit app.   1st Place - View the Fyndit App

Bike Tracker app logo.   2nd Place - View the Bike Tracker App

Easy-Park app logo.   3rd Place - View the CSUN Easy-Park App

 SideBySide app logo.   Popular Vote - View the SideBySide App

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