Matador Moments

Matador Moments

Matador Moments Challenge 2021-2022

“Matador Moments: Welcome First-Year Students and Returning Matadors."

Matador Moments is an online challenge that reflects on first-year student experiences for Freshmen and Transfer students. This year CSUN Portfolium teamed up with the Office of Student Success to invite all CSUN students to participate in our annual Matador Moments Challenge. We invite all CSUN students to share their reflections on Portfolium about their experience attending virtual classes and in-person classes for the hybrid academic year. We ask the participating students to reflect on the following questions; What have you learned from being a student during a pandemic? What have you learned about yourself? How were you able to overcome challenges? and how can we support and motivate other Matadors as we transition back to campus?     

Visit Matador Moments 2021 challenge: Official CSUN Portfolium Matador Moments webpage.

Competition Dates

Closed on March 18, 2022 


Each category winner will received a $100 Amazon gift card! 

Matador Moments 2021-2022 Winners:

Written Word:

Roshanak Izadi: Taking the Bull By Its Horns

Photography or Original  Artwork: 

Anaida Haroutiunian: Blooming Artwork

Multimedia Slideshow: 

Ellan Aguirre: A Student During the Pandemic 

Student Success Celebration

Matador Moments 2021 Winners:

Written submission winner: 

Deborah Clem: "Matador"

Photo winner

Elise Eley: "Matador Moments 2021"

Multimedia slideshow winner: 

Isabelle Ruvalcaba-Luna:  "Becoming Isabelle"

Matador Moments 2020 Winners:

Video winner: 

Sammy Fernandes 

Written word winner: 

Magdalena Juric 

Photo/Original Art winner

Jasmin Correa 

Matador Moments 2019 Winner

First Place:

Eduardo Garcia

Top Runner-Ups:

Abria Flack
Emily Kaplan
Roxana Mazariego-Magana
Sophia Ohannessian
Veronica Hernandez

Matador Moments 2018 Winner:

First Place: 

Sofia Ayerdi

Top Runner-Ups:

Jesus Gomez Perez 
Sophia (Leland) Sandoval 
Michael Molloy
Karen Lopez
Victoria Womble
Tammy Rassamekiarttisak