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Information for Students

Portfolium is CSUN’s electronic portfolio network for students and alumni! Showcase your work, projects and activities -- whether you are just getting started at CSUN, about to graduate, or in-between. Your online presence and resumé will be enhanced by a strong portfolio that you can take with you after you graduate.  


Getting Started 

Select the button below and sign in with your CSUN user ID and password. Need help? Connect with one of CSUN's Portfolium Ambassadors.


Portfolium Challenges and Prizes

CSUN holds challenges for students to show off their best work. Challenges are created with a theme such as Art, Volunteer Work, or Academic Success to best showcase a variety of CSUN talent. View the Challenges and Prizes page for more information and to view rules and guidelines.  

Matador Moments is a annual online challenge that reflects on first-year student experiences for Freshmen and Transfer students. This year CSUN Portfolium teamed up with the Office of Student Success to invite all CSUN students to participate in our annual Matador Moments Challenge. We ask all CSUN students to share their reflections on Portfolium about their experience attending virtual classes and in-person classes for the hybrid academic year. To learn more about the challenge or enroll, visit Matador Moments

Five Reasons to Use Portfolium


  1. Showcase your work. Use Portfolium to show off your best work to future employers. Bring your resume to life with photos and videos of projects you've done in class or on the job. Your Portfolium profile allows you to organize and display previous educational and professional content.

2. Connect with your fellow Matadors. Network with CSUN students and alumni to share ideas, collaborate, and be inspired. Join a vibrant, online Matador community.

3. Network with 3,000+ companies. Apply directly to job openings and internships with Disney, Nike, Google, NBC, Apple, and more. For a full list of companies, visit

4. Google displays a Portfolium profile at the top of the search results. Many employers google your name when you apply for a job. 

5. Use your Portfolium profile as a personal website.

What to Add to Your Portfolium

Information for Faculty and Staff

Getting Started

Portfolium is available to all faculty and staff. To access Portfolium, visit  CSUN Portfolium using your CSUN user ID and password to log in. You will be asked a few questions to customize your account. Read more about ideas for faculty on how to use Portfolium to encourage student learning.

Encouraging Student Use

Helping students create their Portfolium presence can be a powerful way to link students’ academic work to real-world outcomes. Faculty and staff can play a key role in helping students translate what they learned at CSUN to viable job opportunities and professional advancement that will last a lifetime. New and creative uses of Portfolium for students, coursework, and capstone projects are already being developed by innovative faculty at CSUN. 

By providing guidance and feedback on their entries, faculty use this as another avenue to help students learn more deeply and develop a wide variety of skills. Students can develop:

  • Deeper Learning through Reflection: Incorporate new reflective activities into your assignments to promote deeper learning. Encourage student metacognition by having students evaluate their own work and reflect on what is being learned.

  • Writing and Presentation Skills: Preparing entries requires students to hone their writing skills to convey their message in concise, clear language and imagery. Students can control the visibility of their entries so they can share only within the classroom or with the world.

Faculty should share their ideas and success stories with the Faculty Technology Center so we can share back with our faculty community.


Q. How can I access Portfolium to create a profile?

A. You can access Portfolium through the CSUN Portfolium page or Portal.

Q. Is Portfolium free for CSUN faculty and students to use?

A. Yes, with funding made available through the Chancellor's Office, Portfolium is available for CSUN students and faculty at no cost. 

Q. What is the difference between Portfolium and LinkedIn?

A. Portfolium is aimed at students to display their projects and accomplishments. Students can upload multimedia files to showcase their work, and link their Portfolium account to their LinkedIn account.

Q. Is my account already set up for me or do I have to create it myself?

A. Your account is already set up. If you are a CSUN student or faculty member, all you have to do is go to and use your CSUN login information to access your account.

Q. Are there Portfolium workshops for students?

A. Yes, there are workshops for students on how to log-in to an account, publish a project, and connect with others. Faculty can request a workshop for their class by filling out the Portfolium presentation request form

Q. Can the students share the link to a Portfolium project?

A. Yes, by clicking the “share” button on the Portfolium project, you can share the link to the project. 

Q. What determines “Project Strength”?

A. Adding projects, skills, tags, connections will increase your profile and project strength. 

Q. How do you upload videos to Portfolium?

A. Portfolium can only host video links from outside sources, such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Click here to view a complete list of acceptable files to upload

Q. Why add a description in your project?

A. This is your opportunity to describe your project so your instructor, students, or peers can understand your thought process. A description showcases the inspiration behind why you created it, the steps that went into it, and what you learned from creating this project. Here is a great example of a project description

Q. Is there a max file size you can upload within a Project?

A. The maximum file size to upload is 4MB per published project.

For a complete list of how to create a Portfolium published project, visit: Portfolium- How to publish a project