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Canvas Studio vs. GoReact vs. Panopto

CSUN is offering three different video engagement solutions for fall term (four if you count Zoom). We highlight the differences below. Note that these are high-level comparisons.

Canvas Studio

Studio is slightly more oriented towards faculty-created content. Its core function is an integrated video management system for Canvas. It can be seen as similar to Panopto in this regard, but with a richer set of tools for engagement with students, such as commenting and discussion. Note that Studio has a storage limitation that Panopto does not. Studio’s self-stated purpose is to drive teacher and student conversations around videos. Faculty can create interactive videos with embedded quizzes, for instance.


GoReact is primarily a student-initiated video product. Faculty create an assignment in Canvas, and configure it such that it is based on GoReact. Students then record a video and submit it. Faculty can comment on the video and send back feedback. It is integrated with the gradebook. 

One site describes GoReact as designed around combining video and feedback so students can develop and demonstrate skills. For instance, presentation skills, or the ability to perform a nursing activity.


Panopto is, first, foremost, and almost entirely, a lecture capture tool with an unlimited media repository. It enables faculty to create pre-recorded lecture materials, or to capture live lecture via an integration with Zoom Cloud Recordings. As it is software-based, the recording software can be accessed or installed on any computer, personal or CSUN-provided. Videos automatically enter the media repository for management, and an integration with Canvas means videos can be pushed into courses. Materials can also be recorded directly from Canvas and will automatically appear in that course’s catalog.

Panopto does not adequately support live streaming of its recordings, and should not be considered for this purpose.