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New Canvas Feature: Finding Students Who Have Not Logged into Canvas

CSUN is nearing the end of the second week of classes. This is a great time to send out an early alert to students who have not logged into your Canvas course yet. There is a new feature in Canvas Insights that allows faculty to quickly identify who has NOT logged into Canvas for all your classes. Read more about Finding Students Who Have Not Logged into Canvas.

Canvas Insights Responds to the Virtual Semester

A new editable email template “I am here to help” is now available in Canvas Insights. This new template acknowledges the challenges of remote learning for students and offers support from the instructor. In addition, “I am here to help” provides a list of resources available to students during these challenging times. The template was crafted in partnership with Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, and can be found under the drop-down of the “select messages to send” in the email section of Canvas Insights.

What is Canvas Insights?

Canvas Insights is a new Canvas tool custom built by CSUN allowing faculty to easily communicate with individual students in their classes based on an early alert. Alerts are important because they let you provide positive feedback to students who are doing well, and encouragement and support to students who need assistance. Faculty can access Canvas Insights using the link in the Navigation menu.

The video below is a playlist of eight videos. You can watch a single video by selecting the three horizontal lines at the top right of the video, or watch the videos on our YouTube page


Canvas Insights Videos by Topic

In this collection of eight videos, we cover the following subjects:

  1. Adding Canvas Insights to the Navigation Menu in Canvas
  2. Finding Canvas Insights in Canvas
  3. How to Use Filters with the Table
  4. Assignment Filters
  5. Late and Missing Assignments, Gradebook, and Syllabus
  6. Email Students with One Click
  7. The Email Templates
  8. Email History

How to Get Started

To get started, from one of your Canvas courses, select Canvas Insights in the Navigation menu to open the Canvas Insights dashboard.

Canvas Insights dashboard.

  1. Select one of your courses in the Courses pull down menu, and you’ll see a list of the students enrolled in the course
  2. Use the Grade to Date two-way sliders to select low, middle-range or high-performing students
  3. Use the Sort by pull-down menu to sort the results by student name, CSUN ID, email address, number or late or missed submissions, or Grade to Date
  4. In the Assignment Group menu, choose All Assignments or narrow them down by Assignment Group
  5. In the Assignment Name menu, you can choose individual assignments within the Assignment Group you selected
  6. Use the Late Online Submissions and the Missed Online Submissions two-way sliders to select a range of late or missing submissions
  7. The Checked Syllabus section lets you narrow the list to students who have or have not accessed the Canvas-generated syllabus
  8. The Checked Gradebook section further refines the list based on students who have or have not accessed the gradebook
  9. Once you’ve defined the list of students, select Email this list

On the Messaging page, use the “Select Message to Send” pull-down menu to choose “Needs Assistance” or “Positive Feedback” messaging and the Subject Line and Message Text boxes will autofill with a corresponding message. You can edit or replace the text in the Message Text box, and then select the “Send Email” button to send your personalized message individually to each student in the list.

Finding Students Who Have Not Logged into Canvas

This is a new feature in Canvas Insights that allows faculty to quickly identify who has NOT logged into Canvas for all your classes.

  1. Go to your Canvas shell for any course you teach
  2. Go to Canvas Insights in the side navigation
  3. Once in Canvas Insights, change the Course filter at the top to (All)
  4. All students for all your courses will show in the table to the left
  5. At the bottom of the Canvas Insights navigation, you will see “Logged into Course” Yes / No – deselect Yes, have only No checked
  6. If there are students in any of your courses who have not yet logged into your Canvas course they will show up in the table
  7. From the table select “Email this list”

The next window will display the students who have not logged into your Canvas course. Here you can send a personalized email to the students.

Utilize the “I am here to help” template

This template offers students resources available at CSUN: links to COVID information, CSUN with a Heart, technology help, and student life.

Remember these templates are completely editable, you can change the introduction:

For example:

"I hope this message finds you well. I noticed you have not signed in to our Canvas course and you have not had the opportunity to attend any synchronous Zoom meetings. I wanted to reach out with some resources."

Your early alert has been sent. Keep in mind when sending out an “I am here to help” personalize message, students will respond, so be ready to help.


Faculty can receive Canvas Insights support from the Faculty Technology Center (FTC) by contacting Please check the workshop calendar or request a presentation for your department or college.

For more information on Early Alerts, visit the Faculty Development Early Alerts page.