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The International and Exchange Student Center (IESC) organizes and supports programming and special events for international students and scholars. We offer a wide variety of unique and entertaining social, academic and cultural activities throughout the year. Our office also offers social support through programming to aid international students and scholars as they settle into the Northridge community and adjust to living in the United States.

Coffee Hour

The IESC believes that cross-cultural understanding is an important part of being a citizen of the world. Coffee hour is a time to learn about different cultures from around the world. It is one of the opportunities where international and American students gather to highlight their cultures. Come join us for Coffee Hour!

The IESC and the International Student Association invites you to Coffee Hour: Ever Friday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the IESC

Phi Beta Delta

This organization is an academic and professional society. The society is unique because of its resolutely interdisciplinary and international. Visit the Phi Beta Delta national website and apply to the Omega chapter today!


Phi Beta Delta medalAbout Phi Beta Delta

Phi Beta Delta, founded at California State University, Long Beach in 1986, was established as an organization in 1987 with 38 chartered chapters, many of which had existed for a considerable time previously at the local level. It is the first honor society dedicated to recognizing scholarly achievement in international education.

Phi Beta Delta traces its background to the eighteenth-century founding of Phi Beta Kappa. In the nineteenth century, Greek fraternities divided into the social, professional, and academic Greeks. Phi Beta Delta is an academic and professional society, unique because it is resolutely interdisciplinary and international. Its formal organization brought together numerous pre-existing internally-oriented campus groups. Its goals are:

  • To recognize the scholarly achievement of international students and scholars, who have studied abroad along with faculty and staff who are involved in international activities
  • To serve as a vehicle for the development of academic-based international programming
  • To provide a network on each campus of faculty, staff and students involved in international endeavors
  • To extend this network to thousands of members in chapters throughout the world


Phi Beta Delta logo

The Greek letters in Phi Beta Delta stand for the following:

  • Phi (philomatheia) - love of knowledge;
  • Beta (biotremmonia) - valuing of human life; and
  • Delta (diapheren) - achieving excellence.

The colors chosen for the honor society were red and gold. Red symbolizes the strength and diversity of humankind and gold is a symbol for the sun from which all people and cultures draw strength and life.

The Crest of the Society was designed with a globe, a torch, the sun, a book and a shield.

The globe represents the international perspective of the Society's members. The torch symbolizes the leadership and influence of the Society. The sun stands for the energy from which all cultures draw strength. The book symbolizes the coining and sharing of knowledge. The shield represents the preservation of academic freedom.

The Society's motto —"Scientia Mutua Mundi" (world's shared knowledge) — is inscribed at the base of the crest.


Opportunities through Phi Beta Delta

How Phi Beta Delta Promotes International Student Integration and Retention

  • Creates a network for international students to meet others on campus who are interested in international education thru IESC events (e.g.: International Education Week, SPICE, Coffee Hour and Study Abroad Fair).
  • Integrate Phi Beta Delta Members with International Student Association (ISA).
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Opportunity to attend the Phi Beta Delta Induction Ceremony

Phi Beta Delta Provides Opportunities to:

  • Encourage Phi Beta Delta members to share accomplishments with the IESC and be featured on the IESC’s website and social media.
  • Include honor society on the resume

Phi Beta Delta expectations of members:

  • Attend the Phi Beta Delta Induction Ceremony
  • Achievement and excellence - Students must have a Grade Point Average of 3.0 or higher (undergraduate), 3.2 or higher (graduate).
  • Get involved in on-campus activities
  • Share accomplishments with the IESC

Finally, the Omega Chapter of Phi Beta Delta is a resource through:

  • Regular communications with members
  • Programs and activities that promote international education

For more information, contact Apisda Konkankit, SEVIS Analyst/Involvement Coordinator at

Photography Competition

Study Abroad and National Student Exchange Photography Competition

First Prize

Chloe Zhao: Neckar River - Baden-Württemberg, Tübingen, Germany

Chloe Zhao
Neckar River - Baden-Württemberg, Tübingen, Germany
CSU International Programs - Germany

Second Prize

Luisa Malin Melo: Seagulls in flight above river - Switzerland

Luisa Malin Melo
Seagulls in flight above river - Switzerland
CSU International Programs - Italy

Third Prize

Daniel Carter: Banana sculpture in Castle Park - Bristol, England

Daniel Carter
Banana sculpture in Castle Park - Bristol, England
CSU International Programs - United Kingdom

Fall 2023 International Education Week

International Photo Winners

First Prize

Arman Dhillon

Second Prize

Xia Li

Third Prize

Aika Taguchi

Domestic Photo Winners

First Prize

Jayesh Sunil Girdhar

Second Prize

Crater Lake National Park

Xinyuan Zhang

Third Prize


Student Panels for an International Curriculum and Education (SPICE)

Student Panels for an International Curriculum and Education (SPICE) allows international students to present information and share experiences from their home country in CSUN classrooms and with a variety of groups in the community. After students have applied and have been accepted to the program, they will attend a training session and can begin signing up for SPICE presentations.

Do you want to SPICE up your academic experience by helping students learn about different cultural points of view? Apply to be a SPICE panelist! If you are interested in becoming a panelist, contact Rebecca Spector at

SPICE is a program sponsored by the International and Exchange Student Center (IESC) at CSUN. The SPICE Program consists of a diverse group of international students who are available to present information on the topics that professors teach in their classes. For each panel presentation, there are typically three international students, each representing a different country, who present information from the perspective of their home country and culture.

Sample presentations

Intercultural communication: verbal and nonverbal communication in other countries
Environmental geology: earthquakes and volcanoes, pollution and water quality
Sociology of gender and sex: gender roles and status of women in other countries
Health science (women and health): Women's health care in other countries

Feedback from SPICE student participants

"The program gave me the opportunity to have more public speaking experiences which will lead me to be a better speaker. It also made me aware of other important issues around me and improved my research and analysis skills which are vital in college."
"I had the opportunity to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds and address important issues. This is a good way to gain a better understanding of how to work in an international environment."

If you are interested in learning more about the SPICE program, contact Rebecca Spector at today!


Thanks for sending the panel, they were wonderful. The students loved it. I had Aaron Robinson from Car and Driver Magazine out Tuesday. The SPICE panel was a bigger hit. Aaron brought props — a car and a Lexus replica. The panel did a great job.
Professor Michelle Hofmann

Thank you for a tremendous program! These speakers were the best student speakers I've ever had in any class. The students enjoyed this very much.
Professor George Lough

The speakers this morning were GREAT! The SPICE input was very valuable.
Professor Janet Marquard-Tormey

I think the SPICE Program is an amazing program. They all had great and interesting stories to tell about their cultures and also were all very proud to be part of the program. I think the most common comment I heard from my students was "I wasn't aware of that". I will definitely continue to request presentations for my class.
Professor Samar Makarem

I thought the presentations were awesome and I could tell that my students loved them as well. They were very open, very honest, and allowed us to ask whatever we wanted. I'm definitely asking SPICE to come back to my classes. What an unexpected treat!
Professor Frankie Augustin

The students and I really appreciated the SPICE presentation, because we learned so much from the panel. I've never seen my students so engaged during a presentation! It was a great experience for everyone and I will definitely have the SPICE panel return in the future.
Professor Sally Kassamanian

My class thoroughly enjoyed the three presenters from India, Tibet and Peru. Each presenter highlighted the unique characteristics of their home culture and made interesting connections to their worlds and the U.S. My students were thoroughly engaged in the discussions and inspired by their courage to come and share their experiences with us. Thank you so much for this program—it is wonderful!
Professor Lisa Riccomini

All three of the speakers that came to my class for the SPICE presentation were beyond outstanding! This was the best SPICE panel I've ever had in a class, by far. My students learned so much.
Professor Bridget Sampson

Student Achievements and Testimonials

2021 Study Abroad Scholarship Recipients

Oswaldo Anguiano - Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
I am a CSUN Journalism major and Japanese minor. I like to report on automobiles and transportation, though lately I've been writing about Japan-related topics like kawaii fashion and Japanese candy. I hope to get better at Japanese, do some reporting, see some cool cars, and have lots of fun in Japan.


Cerina Hill - Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
My name is Cerina Hill. I am currently a rising senior at California State University, Northridge, where I am studying communications studies. I am particularly interested in the role that communication plays within power structures, educational settings, and cultural studies.

My unique lived cultural experiences will bring many unique qualities to an International Student Exchange. I am a naturalized citizen that was born in Quezon City, Manilla, and was adopted into an American family at the young age of two. I grew up in a biracial home with my father being Black and my mother being a naturalized Filipinx citizen. My experiences have informed my own internal racial struggles and continue to impact my journey as a young Asian American.

It is my duty to utilize my privilege of higher education to bridge the gap and advocate for basic human rights. My passion for service and community outreach can be seen in how I am currently organizing mutual aid events and belong to several active organizations. I am excited and honored to have the opportunity to study abroad (despite covid), and look forward to my growth this coming year.

Hobbies: Photography, Traveling, Cooking, Arts & Crafts, Hanging out with my dog!


Esbeyda Jimenez - DIS Scholarship & Diversity Scholarship
I am attending CSUN majoring in Child and Adolescent Development with a minor in Family Studies. I transferred from Ventura Community College in the Fall of 2020. For my senior year I will be studying abroad in Copenhagen Denmark. I am so excited for this opportunity!

Steve Lopez - Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
Initially through anime, manga, and music, I’ve grown interested in Japan for the potential to network with likeminded people to one day make collaborative projects as film director!


Chloe Zhao - Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
As a non-traditional college student, first-generation immigrant, first-generation college student, those are all my tags. Even though I had a lot of doubt while I persuade my academic life, I never stopped even sometimes I have to step back to reconsider my decisions.
I was always interested in Communication and Mess Media since I was a little girl. My family thinks this is not a worth significant to have, but my work proved them wrong. For students who may also have many doubts in their academic life, I want to tell them to believe in themselves.
I never dreamed study abroad with a scholarship, but I did believe I am worthy. I love experiencing different cultures. To me, it is an exciting and fascinating adventure. As a first-generation college student, I do not have any family members to guide me in my academic life. I still have a clear mindset that I need and will live fully in my academic life to make sure there is no regret. The sprite to be a Matador is always believed in yourself even no one believes in you, and you will prove them wrong.
I have been on Dean's honor list almost every semester from my community college to CSUN. After transfer to CSUN, my study resources have expanded so much more from CSUN's networks.
In the future, I want to study Digital social media for my master's degree and entered into the technology and social media industry.


2021-2022 Associated Students International Matador Scholarship Recipients



Koushik Kosanam is currently pursuing masters in Materials Engineering.

"My unquenchable thrust for research motivated me to apply to the master’s program at CSUN. Here at CSUN, I have been successful in maintaining 4.0 GPA in all the three semesters, for which I have got certificate of Excellence from Student housing. Besides this, I have received Memorial Award worth of 2500$ from Association of Retired Faculty (ARF) for my project “Microbial Corrosion of Concrete”. I have been selected as the president of the SAMPE club at CSUN, where I assist students, and create awareness about different researches and advances happening in the field of materials science through online presentations. Besides this, I have got a position as a Student Assistant in the Materials and Advanced Corrosion lab in the MSEM department at CSUN, where I educate students about basic concepts, assist professors in their labs, and conduct labs for undergraduate students. In addition to this, I am also involved in various projects and publishing research on behalf of the Department under Dr. Bavarian. Recently, I presented a paper in an International Conference and published an edited volume book chapter in a book titled “Advanced Aspects of Engineering Research” representing CSUN’s MSEM department. In the future, I am aiming to contribute to great research at CSUN and file a patent on the behalf of my Department. 

I did my undergraduate in mechanical engineering because of my interest in machines. This led me to join as chassis engineer in the SAE off-road racing car club’s team and participated in 5 national and 2 international events and won various awards. During this journey, I developed a great passion for materials science and engineering and conducted extreme research and filed a patent on “Novel Filler Materials for Welding of Stainless Steel” to mitigate hexavalent chromium fumes which are carcinogenic in nature. Besides this, I presented 4 papers in various national and international conferences in countries like India, Switzerland, and Singapore, achieving best student paper awards. 

My goal is to obtain a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, to acquire technological skills, expand practical knowledge and expertise to develop new green and sustainable materials for conservation of nature and meeting modern day energy needs. My long-term objective is to become an entrepreneur in my chosen field and work for the betterment of the society. 

I would like to suggest all the students to be honest while telling about your financial situations. Scholarship is given based on academic performance, extracurricular activities, and voluntary services. So, make sure you are not only maintaining a good GPA and but are also involving in other activities based on your interests which makes you unique."



Anna Beatriz Guerrero is an incoming third-year graduate student enrolled in the M.S. in Communicative Disorders at CSU Northridge.

"I chose CSUN’s graduate program in speech language pathology due to its superb clinical training, strong medical focus, and wide network of practitioners and alumna in Southern California. Currently, I am volunteering as a graduate researcher at our department’s Speech Language and Science Lab, and working as a graduate assistant for our Distance Learning program. I also work for the Africana Studies Department as Lead Graduate Student Researcher, in hopes of pursuing interdisciplinary research. I have also served as California Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s (CSHA) Student Representative of the South, which gave me the opportunity to plan student events during its annual convention earlier this March. I have also been fortunate to have received the American Speech Language Hearing Foundation’s (ASHFoundation) Graduate Student Scholarship, a national scholarship awarded to students who demonstrate academic achievement and promise. After graduation, I intend to specialize as a pediatric medical speech language pathologist and work with diverse, multi-cultural populations. I also plan to continue researching bilingualism and contribute towards promoting diversity and inclusion in the field of communication disorders and sciences.

When applying for scholarships, I typically look into an organization/foundation’s focus and highlight attributes and achievements that I deem are a good fit. I also apply for scholarships provided by organizations and foundations that hold the same goals and values that align with mine. Overall, I found it helpful to evaluate and recognize my strengths and see how I can present it in the best possible way in my scholarship applications."


2020-2021 Associated Students International Matador Scholarship Recipients


Bruna Debski is currently a Junior majoring in Television Production.

Growing up in Brazil, Bruna has always noticed how tv shows and movies constantly portrayed underrepresented populations (i.e. females, immigrants) as vulnerable, weak, and submissive. Bruna chose to study Television Production so she could understand better how to make a difference in the media industry. "I could have not picked a better place to start this journey. CSUN not only offers the best resources and opportunities to students but has introduced me to passionate professors that share the same dream as mine. I am positive that together, we will change the future of the media industry and provide these underrepresented populations with more opportunities."

During her freshman year, Bruna excelled in “Mathematical Ideas” and was encouraged to apply for a Supplemental Instruction leader position by her professor. Supplemental Instruction is a nationally recognized program, in which sessions are conducted by students who have demonstrated superior competence in the subject. Bruna was later hired as a tutor at CSUN’s Learning Resource Center, the main tutoring center on campus. These positions have taught her successful teamwork and leadership skills, applicable to both academic and social settings. In fact, many international students seek help from the LRC and she feels fortunate to give back to a community she cares about.

Bruna's tip to all international students is: fight for your dreams. Success is a combination of persistence, talent, and hard work. "Staying away from home is difficult, but we all came to CSUN with a purpose - so never stop believing in yourself. If you are applying for a scholarship, make sure you take advantage of all resources on campus such as the Grammar Lab or the Writing Workshops. I am certain that there are a lot of people who want to see you succeed, just like I do. All the hard work will be worth it, trust me!"


Dilek Ince is in the MFA screenwriting program and will graduate in 2021. During her time as an undergraduate student at CSUN, she met many amazing screenwriting professors and students. Later, she found out that CSUN has one of the best screenwriting departments in California.

Dilek movies and screenplays got into many film festivals and received many awards all over the world. One of the prestigious awards that she received was the DGA Best Women Student Filmmaker Award for “Amal.” . In 2019, the same movie was selected by the BAFTA Student Award in the best short film category. "Amal" screenplay won the 2017 ARRI Grant and the Caucus Foundation Student Production Grant, also granted by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Dilek received a grant by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Scholars Program in the first and second years of the MFA Program. Her script was also selected by the Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition and Nashville Screenplay Competition in 2018.

Dilek moved to the US to pursue an education as a filmmaker. Her focus so far has been on shedding light on social issues as well as writing original screenplays and directing movies. Her advice for incoming scholarship applicants is that they should apply to as many scholarships as possible. Also, they should spend a good amount of time on their essays and tell their stories in the most compelling way possible.

2019-2020 Associated Students International Matador Scholarship Recipient

Liezl Bitas is currently a junior majoring in Cinema and Television Arts with an emphasis in Film Production. Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, Liezl is passionate about storytelling, she chose to pursue a career in filmmaking because she believes she can make a difference by sharing stories through the powerful visual medium.

Before transferring to CSUN, she has received a full-ride scholarship at De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde. In high school, she was awarded honors and scholarships for her academic merit and leadership in various organizations, including the school magazine.

At CSUN, she has consistently been in the Dean's List, serves as the co-president of the CSUN Improv Club, is a member of the CSUN National Society for Leadership and Success, and works as a student writer for CSUN Today.

In the future, she aims to become a screenwriter and director for feature films, but continues to keep her eyes open for new opportunities and roles within the filmmaking industry. She also hopes to reach audiences in the US, the Philippines and beyond.

For other students applying for scholarships, she encourages soul-searching and striving to understand your own passions, strengths and weaknesses. Through this process, you can prove to yourself and to scholarship committees what truly makes you deserving of these opportunities and how you can make a difference in the world in your own sincere way.


2019 NSE Student Achievement Award Recipient - Dr. Richard R. Bond Community Engagement Award

Sarah Dutton accomplishments was recognized the National Student Exchange (NSE). Prior to her exchange experience, Sarah Dutton was recognized for her outstanding contributions at
Mississippi State University and her involvement on campus. She started as a staff photographer at the Reflector (Mississippi State’s student newspaper) and worked her way up to the role of Photography Editor. She was also a student photographer for the Office of Public Affairs.

From her first day at California State University, Northridge (CSUN), Dutton made it clear she wanted to make the most of her time in California. She regularly attended campus events such as the NSE office’s weekly coffee hour and the Pride Center’s Tuesday Talks. Within the first few weeks of the semester, Dutton started working alongside the CSUN photographer snapping photos of events such as The Big Show and The New 88.5 FM Benefit Concert featuring Sheryl Crow. In addition, Dutton participated in and hosted a photography exhibition with the Photography Club at the CSUN Art Galleries.

Despite a full course load and extracurricular activities, Dutton showed her unfailing support of fellow NSE students. She has a fantastic attitude about life which is portrayed through her strong communication skills, outgoing personality, honesty, respect, integrity, and dependability.


CSUN International Student Wins Award at the National Model United Nations conference in Washington, DC in November 2018.


Sari Halawani was an international undergraduate student from Palestine who recently completed his degree in Business Management. While at the National Model United Nations conference in Washington, DC, the CSUN team representing Equatorial Guinea won Outstanding Delegation. Sari and his partner Nina Alomardilan won the World Health Assembly (WHA) Award.

Throughout his time at CSUN, Sari was also a SPICE Panelist and participated in the 2016, 2017 and 2018 International Education Week events.

CSUN Model UN team: Felipe Cabello, Lana Zimmerman, Gabriel Brizuela, Tracy Sadek, Sari Halawani, Nina Alomardilan, Parsa Farahani, Melissa Rodriguez.


2018 Fulbright U.S. Student Finalist

Angelina Finau graduated from California State University, Northridge and received a BA summa cum laude in Political Science in the spring of 2017. 

Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, Angelina was first inspired to pursue a career in public service while attending the James Monroe High School Law & Government Magnet. There, she has interned for then-Councilman Tony Cardenas and taught elementary students about the constitution. Last summer, Angelina worked in Los Angeles City Hall under Councilwoman Nury Martinez as a fellow for Councilwoman Martinez’s Ready for Women initiative and in the following fall was the 2017 Voter Outreach and Immigrant Community Engagement fellow for the Center for Asian Americans United for Self-Empowerment.
While at CSUN, she worked as student assistant for CSUN’s Office of Student Success Innovations, collaborating with the university’s administration and staff to ensure CSUN students were being served equitably. Further, she served as a student researcher for the CSUN water sustainability project studying the water usage habits amongst Los Angeles renters. Off-campus, she volunteered as a coach for her local speech and debate team and for various nonprofit organizations dedicated to persons with special and mental disabilities. Angelina was the recipient of the 2015 Panetta Congressional Internship Scholarship, and she interned in the Capitol Hill office of Representative Grace Napolitano (D-CA). Recently, Angelina not only became the first of her family to graduate from college but also was honored as CSUN’s 2017 Wolfson Scholar.
Currently, Angelina is honored to represent CSUN and her Tongan American heritage as a Fulbright scholar in the upcoming 2018-2019 year in South Korea. There, she will be serving as a English Teaching Assistant and looks forward to the opportunity to utilize English in sharing her positive perspective on what communication means to her and vice-versa broadening her understanding of the world through her student’s viewpoints


We are very pleased to announce the international student team that earned top honors at CSUN DataJam 2017 by winning the Best Use of Predictive Modeling and being tied for the Judge’s Choice Awards.

Norman Chemla was born and raised in Paris, France, before moving to LA to earn his BS in Finance in Fall 2014 at CSUN. After working in investments as a private equity analyst for more than a year, he returned to CSUN to get his MS in Engineering Management. Norman will be graduating at the end of this semester. He was also one of the finalists of the CSUN Fast Pitch Competition.

Daniel Perez was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia where he pursued his BS degree in Electronics Engineering in the Distrital University FJC of Bogotá. After graduating and working for a few years as project engineer and radio-frequency engineer in the automation and telecommunications industry, he adventured to get his MS in Engineering Management at CSUN. He is currently part of the staff in the IT department and SMART lab tutoring center at CSUN. He is also an active participant in all the events offered through the International and Exchange Student Center.

Congratulations to Norman and Daniel as DataJam participants for a job well done!!!

International Students Community (ISC)

The International Students Community (ISC) is a registered student organization at CSUN. The main aim of ISC is to provide International students with the opportunity to experience and appreciate different cultures and promote international friendship. They encourage everyone, including American students interested in world culture, to join.

They organize a number of cultural, social and recreational events that give students the opportunity to interact with a variety of cultures, further enriching their college experience. The events include international movie nights, dance nights, soccer, barbecues and more.

If you're interested in joining the International Student Community, please visit the CSUN ISC Facebook page.

Student Success Resources

Campus resources to help you engage with the CSUN community.

Basic Needs Support

Addressing Hunger/Homeless and Emergency needs with Assistance and Resources Together

CSUN Food Pantry
Provides emergency nourishment and basic necessities at no cost to CSUN students, faculty, and staff. Supplies food and offers food program assistance to those who are without reliable access to affordable, nutritious food.

Housing Instability Project
A listing of resources available to help and support students who may be experiencing homelessness and are looking for housing services.

University Counseling Services
Provides a variety of free short term counseling services to students, including individual counseling, crisis intervention, group and workshops, and psychiatric consultation.

Photo Gallery