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HSCI 390 + L

General Information

Classes and programs:

The Health Sciences 390 (BIOSTATISTICS) and 390L (BIOSTATISTICS LAB) are core classes for more than one degree program. Your degree program will determine which section of HSCI 390/L you should enroll in. For example, there are sections reserved only for public health students and sections reserved for only health administration students. This is because the lab curriculum differs for the two programs. If you are a student who is not in public health or health administration, you may need to contact your program director for a permission number.

Linked Sections:

Each Health Sciences 390 lecture is linked to a specific 390L Lab. These are linked classes, meaning that if you take the section “1” lecture you need to take the linked section “1” lab. Students are not allowed to mix and match lecture and lab sections. 

The only exception to this is if a student has passed one class but needs to retake the other. If this is the case, please contact your advisor, the department, or the instructor directly. 

Enrollment and waitlists


Class sections are open for enrollment until filled, unless otherwise specified. The online sections fill quickly. The department does not open additional online sections until all other sections have been filled. If the online sections are full, but the in-person sections are open, students should enroll in the in-person sections or risk waiting until next semester to registerIt is not recommended for students to “wait and see” if a “closed” online section will eventually have an open seat. This could result in a student not having a spot in any 390 section and a possible delay in graduation


Due to the linked nature of HSCI 390 + 390L, the SOLAR waitlist system does not allow a waitlist. Instead, we have an internal survey link as a waitlist for HSCI 390/L. Please only sign up to be on the waitlist once your enrollment date has opened. Fill out the survey ONE time per semester.

The waitlist survey opens at the start of each Fall and Spring semester enrollment period. Click the red button to complete the waitlist form.

(if the survey does not work, this is because the survey closes on Aug 1st for Fall & Jan 1st for Spring.)

When active, the waitlist survey is checked at least once a month, and emails sent to the email address provided in the survey. After the waitlist survey closes, any open seats are filled based on the following priority: 

1. Students in the program the class is reserved for

2. Graduating seniors with a grad date of that semester

3. Those who only have HSCI 390/L as one of the last major classes 

After the waitlist survey closes, students need to contact the HSCI 390/L instructors directly about classes. However, if seats become available in a closed section, instructors admit students off the waitlist. Once the semester starts, the waitlist survey is deleted and there are no more enrollments off the waitlist. 

Who to contact for more information

Health Sciences Department:

Your program director: This can be found on your program's webpage

Your advisor: This can be found with your department or program office

The individual class instructors: This can be found with CSUN class search

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I want an online section, but they are full; however, there are in-person sections available. Should I sign up for the online section waitlist?

Answer: It is not recommended for you to sign up for the waitlist if there are still in-person section seats available. Online sections typically fill quickly and seats rarely open prior to the start of the semester. If you have time, you can wait for another semester and try to enroll in an online section, or you can take one of the open seats available in an in-person section.

Question: Will the department add more online sections this semester?

Answer: The department is limited in the number of online sections offered. Once the class registration opens, there usually are no more sections added and students should enroll in available seats in other sections.

Question: This is my last class I need to graduate, or this is my last semester before graduation, what should I do if I cannot get into a class?

We do prioritize graduating seniors and try to accommodate as best as we can. Contact your program director or advisor and explain the situation. You will need to have your DPR ready and proof that you are graduating this semester.

Question: If I am on the waitlist this semester will that mean I get priority next semester?

Answer: No. The waitlists are cleared out at the beginning of each semester and every semester is considered its own enrolment period with a waitlist.