Study Abroad

The CSU International Program (IP) offers eligible students the opportunity to study at one of the following countries for an academic year: Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Ghana, Italy, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan or the UK. For detailed information about IP eligibility requirements, visit the Student Development and International Programs office.

To qualify for financial aid as an IP student, you must do the following:

  • Apply to be an IP participant and receive approval. Contact Student Development and International Programs at (818) 677-3053 for procedural information.
  • Your name must appear on the final approved IP participant list sent to the Cal State Northridge Financial Aid & Scholarship Department from the CSU Chancellor's Office. If you have a financial aid application on file and your name is on the list, you will receive a notification from our Financial Aid & Scholarship Department.
  • Apply for financial aid and list Cal State Northridge on your application using the federal school code, 001153. The priority FAFSA funding date for the following academic year is March 2.
  • Submit all documents requested by the Financial Aid & Scholarship Department in order to have a complete financial aid file.
  • Meet satisfactory academic progress requirements.

If you are not studying abroad through the CSU International Program but would like to know of other study abroad options, please contact Student Development & International Programs for more information. You will only be considered for financial aid abroad if you participate in an approved program.

Please keep in mind the following information:

  • As an IP student, you do not pay tuition and other fees directly to Northridge. You pay the International Program, and if your financial aid is not enough to pay all of the program charges, you are responsible for the balance owed. Contact Student Development & International Programs for information on tuition and other fees at (818) 677-3053, or contact Virginia Soto of the Chancellor's Office at (562) 951-4789 or
  • Cal State Northridge will pay any outstanding IP charges out of your financial aid and will send this payment to the Chancellor's Office. If there is a remaining balance, a check will be sent to your home address or through e-Refund. The disbursement schedule is the same for IP students as it is for other Northridge students, so plan accordingly if you expect to incur expenses prior to this period.
  • The eligibility terms for financial aid are the same for an IP student as they are for a regular Northridge student except the cost of education is the IP cost for your selected country as determined by the Chancellor's Office. You must also complete loan entrance counseling before you leave the country (if you are awarded any Stafford loans), and you are not eligible for work-study while participating in the program.
  • For further information, contact the Financial Aid & Scholarship Department at 1-818-677-4085, Student Development & International Programs at (818) 677-3053, or CSU Chancellor's Office at (562) 951-4789.