Educational Psychology & Counseling

Prospective Students

Dear Prospective Students for Educational Psychology & Counseling,
(Please read this entire message)
With the continued need for social distancing for health reasons - the roles for counselors, therapists, psychologists, and early childhood professionals, along with folks to handle data, remains at the forefront. We continue to welcome your interest and applications, and we will continue to be available to answer questions. We encourage all applicants to keep in mind that your sense of calm will greatly affect those around you.
Due to the ongoing pandemic (COVID-19) and the decision to continue virtual learning during the the fall 2021 semester, EPC will hold virtual information sessions on September 30, 2021 (Zoom information), and October 28, 2021 (Zoom information), from 5:00-6:45pm. In the meantime, you may find relevant information about our application process and prerequisite requirements below.

As a reminder, no applicant will be considered unless the following two applications have been received

1)   Application for Admission to the University through Cal State Apply.

2)   Application for Admissions to the Educational Psychology and Counseling Department through College Net. Application portal opens on our prospective student webpage at the Apply Here button (see application deadlines below).

  • Please see our application checklist (PDF) for a guide of what to submit through our department online application portal. You must submit all required elements of the application regardless of what has been submitted to the Cal State Apply system.
  • This checklist is for organizational purposes. It is your responsibility to ensure that all requirements for admission are met and all application materials are uploaded through the College Net online portal. 
  • Please noteAll paperwork submitted to the university becomes university property and will not be returned to the applicant for any reason, nor are we able to provide you with copies. Please note that there are no exceptions to this policy. Any requests for copies or for the return of application paperwork will be denied.

Individual programs have additional requirements, including completion of specific prerequisites for the program (see the prerequisite information tab on prospective student webpage or the University catalog for details).

Program Interviews

In addition to the application, an on-campus or virtual interview (by-invitation-only) is required for admission. Note: Because of the large number of applicants, not all applicants will be invited for interviews. You will be notified shortly after the Application Deadline (typically within 2-3 weeks) of the final interview date and time. Since all candidates are interviewed together in a group setting, interview dates cannot be rescheduled.

Application Deadlines

  • For all MS in Counseling programs*** and the MS in Marriage and Family Therapy program: Application period for Fall 2022 will be from November 1, 2021, to January 14, 2022.

***This includes all options: College Counseling/Student Services, School Counseling, and School Psychology

  • For the MA in Educational Psychology program, option in Early Childhood Education (ECE): Application period for Fall 2021 will be from November 1, 2020 to May 1, 2021; Application period for Spring 2022 is August 1, 2021 to November 12, 2021.
  • Please note: We will not accept applications for the Development, Learning, Instruction, and Evaluation (DLI&E) or the Career Counseling programs this application period.

Important Note: It is the responsibility of the applicant to adhere to the department application deadlines. Should the applicant apply to the University via the Cal State Apply application system after the January 14, 2022 deadline for the M.S. in Counseling programs, M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy program, or the May 1, 2021 deadline for ECE M.A. program, the application will not be reviewed by the department. It is also important to note that per University policy, application fees are non-refundable. See: Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate Application Procedures.