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My Class Schedule

This is a tutorial only. No login is required. 


Your class schedule displays on the myNorthridge Home page and in the SOLAR Student Center. Print views are available in both places.

Use these two views of your class schedule for different purposes:

  • myNorthridge Portal Home tab: Allows fast access to your current schedule of enrolled classes and final exams.
  • SOLAR Student Center: Displays your current wait listed classes; your past, present and future class schedules; and your history of dropped classes. 

Step 1

Go to the CSUN home page at and:

  1. Select the myNorthridge Portal link.
  2. Log in with your CSUN User ID and Password.

 Log into myNorthridge Portal.

Step 2

The myNorthridge Home page displays.

Locate the My Current Classes box to view your:

  • Final Exam Schedule
  • Current Class Schedule
  • Links to additional resources

The resources include links to:

  1. Tell you about late adding or dropping after classes begin
  2. Print your schedule
  3. Download your schedule to your computer or mobile device
  4. Order textbooks online from the Matador Bookstore

Important information. To view or print your wait listed classes or your schedule for a past or future term, select the Class Schedule icon in the Quick Links box.

Location of Class Schedule icon in the Quick Links panel.

Step 3

The View My Class Schedule page displays.

Under the Term Selection heading, select the desired term from the list.

The list of terms page displays.  

Step 4

Your class schedule of enrolled classes for the term you selected displays in detail.

To view instructors or multiple meeting patterns, click the display-options icon under the Legend.

The View My Class Schedule page displays.

Step 5

To view wait listed classes, select “Waitlisted” from the Enrollment Status drop down menu.  Now your wait listed classes display along with your position number in the wait list. 

Your position number may improve over time if any students above you in the wait list are auto-enrolled into the class or if they decide to drop themselves from the list.

Important information. Waitlisted classes display in the Enrollment Status drop-down menu only during the Waitlist period.

To return to myNorthridge, select Back to Portal in the upper right corner.