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Welcome from the Director of University Counseling Services 

Hello and welcome to University Counseling Services (UCS)!   As Director of University Counseling Services, I am proud of the services we offer our students. We provide a variety of free and confidential mental health services, including brief individual and couples counseling, group counseling and workshops, and crisis intervention.  In addition to counseling services, we provide outreach presentations to the campus community on a variety of topics, such as stress management, procrastination, relaxation, and improving sleep.  Our counselors provide mental health consultation to faculty and staff related to student needs.  And, we have four peer education programs that can provide a wonderful opportunity for students to learn to work collaboratively to make a difference on campus by raising awareness on current issues that affect our society. 

UCS’ mission is to assist students in achieving as much success as possible here at CSUN by helping them learn skills to improve their overall mental health, academic performance, and quality of life.  Our commitment to excellence would not be possible without the outstanding group of individuals working at UCS, an amazing team comprised of psychologists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, psychiatrists, doctoral interns, graduate assistants, psychiatric residents and administrative staff.  Our staff is diverse in interests, areas of specialty and backgrounds.  We are dedicated to providing you with the best care possible, incorporating into practice awareness, respect, and valuing of cultural differences. We promise you ethical, respectful and professional care.  

Thank you for visiting our website!  I encourage you to take a few minutes to explore our website and learn more about the counseling services available to you at UCS, as well as additional resources provided for you, including mental health screenings, videos, and a self-help library.

Julie PearceJulie Pearce, Psy. D.






Our Mission

By helping students learn skills to improve their overall mental health, academic performance and quality of life, we hope to enhance the likelihood they will succeed at CSUN.

We accomplish our mission by practicing our knowledge of the science of human behavior as we make bio-psycho-social interventions, teach, mentor and consult with our students, faculty, staff and other contributors to student success. We further accomplish our mission by evaluating the effectiveness of our services as it relates to student success.

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