Graduate Programs in Business

MBA Program Structure

The CSUN Nazarian MBA program is a flexible "flex" program that, allows students to enroll in 1-4 courses per semester and proceed at their own pace through the program.  Students may even take a semester off without penalty. The flex model accommodates the lifestyle of mid-career professionals, who face changing personal and career demands by allowing them to increase or decrease their academic load accordingly.

Students may be required to take up to 5 "Foundation" Courses if they have not previously completed similar coursework at an acceptable level.  Students are required GBUS 600: Analysis of Contemporary Organizations in their first semester. They take Core Courses and electives throughout the program. Most students complete the required Culminating Experience with the MBA Consulting Project, although some choose the Comprehensive Examination.  


BLAW 508 - Law in the Business Environment
SOM 591 - Statistics and Stochastic Models for Managers
ECON 500 - Survey of Economics
ACCT 501 - Financial Accounting
GBUS 502 - Seminar in Financial Accounting
 *Foundation Courses may be waived for students with undergraduate degrees in business or related majors from AACSB schools with grades of B- or better in equivalent courses. 

CORE COURSES - 24 units

GBUS 600 - Analysis Of Contemporary Organizations
     *Required in the first semester of enrollment in the MBA program
ECON 600 - Economics of Strategy
     * Econ 500 or equivalent prerequisite
FIN 635 - Financial Theory and Policy
     * GBUS 502 or equivalent prerequisite
IS 628 - Computer-Based Management Information Systems
MGT 620 - Behavior in Organizations 
MKT 640 - Marketing Management Seminar
SOM 686 - Seminar in Internationally Competitive Operations Management 
    * SOM591 or equivalent prerequisite
MGT 693 - Seminar in Strategic Management
      * Students must have completed or be concurrently enrolled in their final core courses


GBUS 698A - MBA Consulting Project
GBUS 697G - Comprehensive Examination
  • Students are required to complete 3 electives.

  • The MBA Consulting Project satisfies one elective. The Comprehensive Examination option does not count as an elective.

  • MBA concentrations are not required. To complete a concentration, students are required to complete 3 electives courses within their selected concentration. The MBA Consulting Project can be counted toward any concentration.

  • Electives and concentrations are offered in: Accounting, Human Resources, Management, Marketing, Information Systems, Entertainment Industry, Finance, International Business, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and Systems Operations Management.

To declare a concentration or drop a concentration, complete the Request to Change a Concentration Form

Foundation Courses
0-15 Units
Core Courses
24 units
Elective Courses 
6 - 9 units
Culminating Experience 
3 units 
Program Total
33 - 51 units