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MBA Consulting Project

The MBA Consulting Project provides MBA students the opportunity to build a bridge from the world of academia to the world of business. The program takes students out of the classroom and requires them to apply concepts from their courses and gain valuable consulting and field experience. Students take on comprehensive business projects, which can include developing business and strategic plans, preparing feasibility studies, and analyzing and designing financial accounting and inventory control systems.
Students work in teams over the course of one semester to provide consulting to local organizations. Each team consists of students, a faculty advisor, and one or more senior representatives from the client organization. Student teams select their project from a list of approved projects available from the MBA Office.
 Evening MBA Consulting Project

Are you a leader in an organization interested in being a client?

MBA Consulting Project - Client Benefit:

  • Participate in a unique opportunity for the company to gain new insight into the firm.
  • Benefit from an independent perspective of the company along with plans and strategies for the future.
  • Receive a comprehensive written report and oral presentation.
  • Gain access to College of Business and Economics faculty members' knowledge and expertise.
  • Acquire insight and access to possible MBA recruits.
  • ​Serve as a mentor to tomorrow's business leaders.

Is the MBA Consulting Project Right for You?

 Are you:
  • Facing a challenging project (such as turnaround division, market expansion, new product, competitive threats)?
  • Interested in sharing business/industry expertise while gaining new perspective based on most current management theory?
  • Able to provide access to financial and market data as appropriate for the project?
  • Willing to meet with students on evenings and weekends several times during the semester?
  • Open to accept new ideas and suggestions based on thorough research?

If so, please apply online today at MBA Consulting Project Program