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    Distinguished Speaker Series Ft. Paul Dali

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  • CSUN President Dianne F. Harrison and Nazarian College dean Chandra Subramaniam join the panelists and speakers of the 2nd Annual Workforce of the Future Symposium onstage on Nov. 20 at The Soraya. Photo by David J. Hawkins.

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AACSB Accreditation

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) is a global, nonprofit membership organization of educational institutions, businesses, and other entities devoted to the advancement of management education. AACSB International's mission is to advance quality management education worldwide through accreditation, leadership, and value-added services. Established in 1916, AACSB International accredits undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs in business and accounting.

The David Nazarian College of Business and Economics has achieved and maintains the rigorous set of quality standards set forth by AACSB International and is AACSB-accredited through 2019.

Degree in Progress (AY)


B.S. Accountancy208
B.S Pre-Accountancy1,357
B.A Economics275
B.S. Finance472
B.S. Pre-Finance419
Option - Insurance and Financial Services20
Option - Pre-Insurance and Financial Services20
B.S Information Systems196
B.S. Management1,828
B.S. Marketing1,086
B.S. Business Administration3
Option - Business Law289
Option - Global Supply Chain Management85
Option - Real Estate95
Option - Systems and Operations Management110
M.S. Accountancy28
M.S. Taxation34
Undergraduate Totals6.464
Graduate Totals146
Combined Totals6,610


B.S. Accountancy306
B.S Pre-Accountancy1,400
B.A Economics312
B.S. Finance507
B.S. Pre-Finance459
Option - Insurance and Financial Services30
Option - Pre-Insurance and Financial Services25
B.S Information Systems185
B.S. Management1,939
B.S. Marketing1,188
B.S. Business Administration5
Option - Business Law259
Option - Global Supply Chain Management118
Option - Real Estate113
Option - Systems and Operations Management126
M.S. Accountancy22
M.S. Taxation33
Undergraduate Totals6,972
Graduate Totals149
Combined Totals7,121


B.S. Accountancy375
B.S Pre-Accountancy1,149
B.A Economics314
B.S. Finance510
B.S. Pre-Finance443
Option - Insurance and Financial Services21
Option - Pre-Insurance and Financial Services20
B.S Information Systems186
B.S. Management1,887
B.S. Marketing1,294
B.S. Business Administration3
Option - Business Law259
Option - Global Supply Chain Management119
Option - Real Estate135
Option - Systems and Operations Management161
M.S. Accountancy25
M.S. Taxation34 
Undergraduate Totals6,877
Graduate Totals143
Combined Totals7,020


B.S. Accountancy358
B.S Pre-Accountancy1,152
B.A Economics281
B.S. Finance523
B.S. Pre-Finance415
Option - Insurance and Financial Services6
Option - Pre-Insurance and Financial Services5
B.S Information Systems164
B.S. Management1,885
B.S. Marketing1,359
B.S. Business Administration -
Option - Business Law265
Option - Global Supply Chain Management122
Option - Real Estate171
Option - Systems and Operations Management216
M.S. Accountancy38
M.S. Taxation39 
Undergraduate Totals6,922
Graduate Totals156
Combined Totals7,078


B.S. Accountancy326
B.S Pre-Accountancy1,105
B.A Economics311
B.S. Finance530
B.S. Pre-Finance349
Option - Insurance and Financial Services2
Option - Pre-Insurance and Financial Services2
B.S Information Systems138
B.S. Management1,427
B.S. Marketing1,259
B.S. Business Administration -
Option - Business Law356
Option - Global Supply Chain Management154
Option - Real Estate247
Option - Systems and Operations Management545
M.S. Taxation43 
Undergraduate Totals6,753
Graduate Totals154
Combined Totals6,907

Degree Awarded (AY)


B.S. Accountancy186
B.A Economics73
B.S. Finance271
Option - Insurance and Financial Services11
B.S Information Systems49
B.S. Management375
B.S. Marketing228
B.S. Business Administration 
Option - Business Law71
Option - Global Supply Chain Management22
Option - Real Estate29
Option - Systems and Operations Management26
M.S Accountancy28
M.S. Taxation29
Undergraduate Totals1,344
Graduate Totals107
Combined Totals1,451


B.S. Accountancy259
B.A Economics93
B.S. Finance278
Option - Insurance and Financial Services10
B.S Information Systems47
B.S. Management420
B.S. Marketing267
B.S. Business Administration 
Option - Business Law69
Option - Global Supply Chain Management36
Option - Real Estate27
Option - Systems and Operations Management21
M.S Accountancy20
M.S. Taxation16
Undergraduate Totals1,527
Graduate Totals81
Combined Totals1,608


B.S. Accountancy291
B.A Economics100
B.S. Finance338
Option - Insurance and Financial Services13
B.S Information Systems49
B.S. Management408
B.S. Marketing325
B.S. Business Administration4
Option - Business Law54
Option - Global Supply Chain Management38
Option - Real Estate16
Option - Systems and Operations Management37
M.S Accountancy24
M.S. Taxation26
Undergraduate Totals1,673
Graduate Totals93
Combined Totals1,766


B.S. Accountancy301
B.A Economics86
B.S. Finance331
Option - Insurance and Financial Services2
B.S Information Systems56
B.S. Management440
B.S. Marketing370
B.S. Business Administration1
Option - Business Law43
Option - Global Supply Chain Management42
Option - Real Estate20
Option - Systems and Operations Management55
M.S Accountancy37
M.S. Taxation28
Undergraduate Totals1,747
Graduate Totals113
Combined Totals1,860

Student Earnings

Success and Achievement