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Get Up to Speed with Online Teaching

In collaboration with the Faculty Technology Center, we designed this asynchronous program to integrate pedagogy PLUS technology, covering best practices, techniques and tools to plan and create content, as well as facilitate and assess learning online. The program is designed to benefit faculty newer to online teaching but more experienced faculty will benefit from a refresh of the strategies and new ideas to enhance their courses.


When is it?

This self-paced ongoing program is available now. Complete the registration form to sign up. 

Who should enroll?

We are conscious that you may have low bandwidth to learn about online teaching or perhaps you want a refresher of what's new in eLearning; this flexible program might be perfect for your needs. Below are two considerations: 

Preference for Self-Paced: This program is ideal for faculty who don't want to commit to specific meeting times and enjoy learning independently & asynchronously through accessing readings, videos and navigating technical instructional steps online. This is not our traditional "sit next to you" facilitated program. But you can go at your own pace and even skip around to content in the course you want to learn more about. 

Basic Technology Skill Level: Faculty with some basic technical skill sets (Zoom & Canvas) are welcome to join. You will be guided to instructions on how to do several technical skill proficiencies. 

What are the program goals & objectives?

The self-paced materials will cover a plethora of topics to support faculty to develop and deliver online courses using these components:

  • Embedded topics on: building community online, engaging students online, practicing equity-mindedness, designing alternative assignments, transparent assignments, learning-centered syllabus/course design, academic honesty and the Quality Online Teaching & Learning framework. 
  • Prepping Your Course: Learn best practices for building a new online or hybrid course or redesigning a traditional face-to-face course for online or hybrid delivery.
  • Creating Your Materials: Discover how to create digital content and online lectures as well as techniques for how to effectively organize and sequence your course content online.
  • Facilitating Your Course: Explore techniques and strategies for managing teaching and learning in online environments and best practices for evaluating student work.
  • Using Instructional Technologies: Gain practical how-to instructions on how to use features of Canvas, Zoom, and Canvas Insights

By the end of the program, faculty will be able to:

  1. Describe best practice principles in online course design
  2. Summarize various eLearning tools and pedagogical strategies that can be used in online environments to meet learning goals
  3. Identify options for creating online instructional content using the appropriate learning technologies and strategies
  4. Discuss how an online environment using equity-minded principles can support and engage learners from diverse backgrounds throughout the learning process
  5. Explain grading and feedback strategies to assess and promote student learning outcomes
  6. Demonstrate technical skills using University-supported instructional technologies

What are faculty saying about the program?

Here are some of the results of faculty who just completed the program:

  1. On average, this program was rated as being highly helpful (4.8/5.0) in exposing faculty to knowledge about teaching online.
  2. Faculty perceived the workload of this program to be manageable; over half are finishing in 4-10 hours.
  3. Faculty found value in the dynamic blend of the program (e.g., "I found this program very valuable in exposing both technological and pedagogical resources available out there").
  4. Faculty are reporting more confidence in teaching online with comments such as:
  • I will be able to more confidently prepare for my Fall courses over the summer.
  • Everything was perfectly presented. You truly modeled how a successful online course should be developed and executed.
  • I thought that the instructors were excellent (competent, considerate, willing to answer questions...) and the instructional videos very helpful! High praise to those who put this comprehensive program together so quickly to meet the needs of the faculty. It was just what I was looking for.
  • I feel much more confident now about my ability to teach both synchronous and asynchronous courses in the Fall semester.

How do I sign up?

This self-paced ongoing program is available now. Complete the registration form to sign up. 

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