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Starting with the headings below you will find the information you need on all things international at CSUN — programs, support services, policies, procedures, forms, "how to" guidance, and who to contact for what. This page provides direct links to all CSUN units having international responsibilities — it is the starting point for all things international at CSUN.  


Admissions and Support Services for International Students Enrolling in or Enrolled in CSUN Degree Programs

Exchange Opportunities for CSUN Students

Programs for International Students Not Currently Seeking a CSUN Degree

CSUN College and Department International Initiatives: Resources, Policies, and Processes

International Coordinating Council

International Opportunities for CSUN Faculty

CSUN Custom Designed and Contracted Short-Term Programs for International Groups


Vanessa Andrade
International Programs and Outreach Manager
Tseng College 

Phone: (818) 677-5948
Fax: (818) 677-2700

Information for International Educational Institutions Seeking a Collaborative Relationship with CSUN


John Binkley
Associate Dean
The Tseng College

Phone: (818) 677-7372
Fax: (818) 677-5088

Information for International Agents/Vendors Seeking a Working Relationship with CSUN

Basic Principles for Establishing Agreements with International Recruitment Services Firms PDF icon


Vanessa Andrade
Associate Director
International Programs and Partnerships
The Tseng College

Phone: (818) 677-5948
Fax: (818) 677-2700

List of Current Recruiting Service Agreements PDF icon

CSUN International Offices and Centers Contact Information

Academic Council on International Programs 

The Academic Council on International Programs (ACIP) was created to promote CSU campus participation in the development of policy concerning IP and to ensure regular communication between campuses and OIP. It is made up of one faculty representative from each of the 23 campuses

Keiko Hirata, ACIP Representative
Email: keiko.hirata@csun.edu
Department of Political Science
Phone: (818) 677-7233
Office Location: ST 226

CSUN’s Senior International Officer

Joyce Feucht-Haviar
The Tseng College
Phone: (818) 677-5005
Fax: (818) 677-5088

The CSUN China Institute

International Exchange & Student Center