Staff and Health Care Clinicians


Yolanda Chassiakos, M.D. Director and Medcial Chief of StaffYolanda "Linda" Reid Chassiakos, M.D.
Executive Director and Chief Medical Officer

Yolanda "Linda" Reid Chassiakos is the Executive Director and Chief Medical Officer of the Klotz Student Health Center at California State University, Northridge. Dr. Chassiakos is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Physicians. She received her M.D. from Georgetown University and is a graduate of the Physicians Executive Program at UCLA. After 13 years at the UCLA Arthur Ashe Student Health Center, Dr. Chassiakos came to CSUN in 2000 to serve as the Klotz Student Health Center director. Dr. Chassiakos’ research and practice interests include the provision of evidence-based needed health care in partnership with CSUN students in an environment reducing healthcare disparities and promoting access, inclusion, and equity. In 2006, Dr. Chassiakos was the recipient of the CSUN Presidential Award, and, in 2020, the recipient of the CSUN Staff Leadership Award. She is the co-author of multiple peer-reviewed journal articles and the co-editor of Collaboration Across the Disciplines in Health Care and New Leadership of Today’s Health Care Professionals.


Lynne Landeta, MN, FNP, Assistant Director of Nursing, Clinical Education and AssessmentLynne Landeta, DNP, MN, FNP
Associate Director of Clinical Services and Health Informatics

Lynne Landeta, DNP, MN, FNP, is Associate Director of Clinical Services and Health Informatics. Ms. Landeta received her Doctorate Nursing Practice (DNP) in 2017 from Duke University and has served as a nurse practitioner at Klotz Student Health Center for more than 15 years. She serves as a clinician, a Nurse Informaticist for Student Health Center IT initiatives such as Electronic Health Records implementation and a coordinator for the implementation of health programs such as Family PACT/Medi-Cal, which enhance health care services for students. She also serves as the Student Health Center liaison with multiple academic programs, including Health Administration and Nursing, to coordinate nursing and medical service learning programs at the Klotz Student Health Center.


Marianne Link, MPH, CHES, Assistant Director, Health PromotionMarianne Link, MPH, CHES
Assistant Director, Health Promotion and Administration

As Assistant Director of Health Promotion, Marianne Link provides leadership and direction for Health and Wellness education at the Klotz Student Health Center and beyond. Health promotion programs deliver evidence-based prevention initiatives that support wellness, student learning and leadership. Marianne earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Public Health from CSUN. Marianne is a Certified Health Education Specialist. She and the health promotion team have a passion for helping students reach their highest potential academically, personally and professionally.


Health Promotion

Sharon Aronoff
Health Educator, FYE, Projects & Outreach Services

Gabbi Galdamez-Nguyen, MPH, CHES
Health Educator

Susan Krikorian, MPH, CHES
Health Educator

Yolanda "Linda" Reid Chassiakos, MD, FAAP, FACP
Director and Medical Chief of Staff
Areas of Interest: Pediatrics, Adolescent Medicine


Ellen Bauersfeld, RD
Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Counseling

Mandeep Ghuman, MD
Sports Medicine

Anna Chaparyan, Pharm D

Corey Hidalgo, Certified Radiologic Technologist, X-ray

Aimie Kachingwe, DPT, Physical Therapist

Joo Kim, LAC
Asian Medicine, Acupuncture

Breanna Langel, DPT, Physical Therapist

Susan Krikorian, MPH
Health Educator, Certified Wellness and Health Coach
Areas of Interest: stress management, sleep improvement, time management, test anxiety reduction healthy eating, physical activity, adjustment to college

Sandra Lin, OD

Robert Patterson, DC
Area of Interest: Musculoskeletal System

Sherbanoo Peermahomed, MD (Dr. Sher)
Women’s Health, Gynecology

Amy Reichbach, CHES
Clinical Patient Educator
Contraception, Pregnancy Options Counseling, Birth Planning, Lactation education, Sex education, Advance Directives, STD counseling

Eric Sletten, MD
Sports Medicine, Podiatry, Laceration Repair, Minor Office Surgery

Jeffery Steinberg, MD
Gynecology, Endocrinology

Thomson Sun, DDS
General Dentistry
Area of Interest: Dental education

Monica Tantraphol, MD
Primary Care, Sports Medicine
Areas of Interests: Healthy eating and lifestyle, intermittent fasting, sports injuries, primary care

Primary Care Clinicians

Sandra Darden, MD
Primary Care
Area of interest: Family Medicine

Shirley Ho Navarro, RNP
Family Nurse Practitioner, Women’s Health, Transgender Care
Areas of Interest: Sexual and Reproductive Health

Esther Jun, MD
Primary Care
Area of interest: Smoking Cessation

Beth Kautzky, RNP
Nurse Practitioner, Women’s Health
Areas of interest: Healthy Eating, Fitness, Travel Medicine, Infertility

Kevin Kwak, MD
Primary Care

James Merrin, MD
Primary care, Travel Medicine, Men’s Health, Internal Medicine
Areas of interest: Type II Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia

George Sarka, MD
Primary Care, Internal Medicine
Areas of Interest: Occupational Medicine, Public Health, Rheumatology, Neurology

Monica Tantraphol, MD
Primary Care, Sports Medicine
Areas of Interests: Healthy eating and lifestyle, intermittent fasting, sports injuries, primary care

Jenna Tarkela, FNP
Family Nurse Practitioner, Women’s Health
Areas of interest: Sexual and Reproductive Health, Adolescent Medicine, School Based Medicine and Pediatric Primary Care