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Trauma-Informed Toolkit

Living through the various struggles of our world have caused ongoing multi-faceted collective trauma for our faculty, staff, and students. This Toolkit will help our campus community both personally and professionally, and provide applicable tips and tools for social-emotional wellness.


Impacts of Trauma


Tools to improve overall educational well-being and success.
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Collective trauma

Understanding long term collective trauma.
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Systemic racism

Addressing systemic racism and understanding its impact.
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Tips on how to support those experiencing loss and provide grounding techniques.
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Increase substance abuse

Ways to support harm reduction and treatment options.
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Physical health issues and stressors

Ways to support those managing physical health issues.
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Increase instances of domestic violence:

Impact the pandemic has had on survivors of domestic violence.
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Increase in child abuse reports

Impact the pandemic has had on child abuse.
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Stress due to being confined in spaces with family

The impact of the pandemic on stress and being confined in spaces with family.
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Impact of poverty during the pandemic.
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Lack of motivation and normalcy

Helpful tips on addressing these feelings.
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Anxiety, signs, and symptoms

Understanding impacts on anxiety.
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Understanding impacts on spiritual health.
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Understanding impacts on the environment.
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Trauma-Informed Principles