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Student Multimedia Art Competition Winners!

April 30, 2022

Student Multimedia Art Competition Winners

Fine Art winner:

Rocks and Resilience by Neekie Vaghar
Artist statement:

“Rocks and Resilience; using the fluidity of watercolor and gouache to show how the weight of the world feels like carrying a handful of rocks; be it small or big, the rocks weigh you down and keeping them steady is no easy feat. The key to lifting the weight?  Drop the rock, and keep rolling on. Open your hand, and drop the rock; only purposeful action can allow us to free ourselves of our loneliness. Rather than carry the weight of the world, allow the world to help carry it with you.”


Photography winner:

Resilience, by M. Socorro de Castro
Artist statement:

“Captured while I walked on a path in downtown L.A., I looked down at the concrete and surprisingly discovered a plant growing in one of the in-ground light fixtures. That very moment reminded me of the strength and resilience of life and nature. This image has truly been inspiring for me during the pandemic. It serves as such an accurate and enduring symbol of revitalization and restoration. Even during the most trying time in our lives, and in the most unexpected place, this little plant persisted -- and so shall we as a community.”


Poetry & Song winner:

Into the Darkness, by Edy Keighley
Artist statement:

“I wrote this poem during the pandemic time. I have been suffering from severe depression for many years that I couldn’t “see/feel” the difference when the secluded time struck our lives. However, it affected me tremendously by not being able to physically be with friends and relatives or my beloved therapist. The word darkness here is in reference to the feeling of depression during the times of the virus. Mentioning that “darkness is here, can you now see” means that we still struggle, the virus still around but reality must be seen. We have to keep “moving” despite the pain. I took this time to come back to school and continue with my education. Nevertheless, the “darkness” has been following me and yet my face cannot be seen."


Matador Choice Award winner:

Closure, by Sepi Vaziri
Artist statement:

“My poem called “Closure” is about forgiveness and love. I believe that forgiveness is something that will set us free as individuals. Regardless of the trauma, we have experienced. Once we are able to mindfully let go of the pain, we will be able to live in peace again. Although it is not easy to forgive the ones who have caused us tremendous pain, it is necessary for our own well-being and health.”

Congratulations to all our winners!

A special thank you to our partners, those who attended, and, of course, all those who participated. You all contributed to making this event the beautiful day it was through your presence and hard work. We greatly appreciate your participation.