Mandated Parental Notifications

Any minor (under 12 years of age) who is a victim of a sexual assault which requires an evidentiary medical exam must have parental consent and therefore parental notification is mandated. All other instances of sexual assault do not require a minor to notify their parents.

Timely Warnings

The purpose of a timely warning is to alert the campus community to the occurrences of a crime that poses an ongoing threat to the campus community and/or to heighten safety awareness of students and employees in a manner that will aid in the prevention of similar crimes. In certain situations, the Chief of Police (or her designee in her absence) will make a decision, in consultation with other administrative personnel as needed, whether to disclose the incident through a public notice to the community via print and electronic means.

The circumstances of any particular situation coupled with the police department’s evaluation of the situation/threat potential will dictate the need and manner for the issuance of a Campus Crime Alert bulletin. However, in general, whenever there has been a report of a violent crime, major property crime or other significant criminal event on or adjacent to campus and the Chief of Police or his/her designee is of the opinion that the safety of the campus community is at-risk, a Campus Crime Alert bulletin will be issued.

Reporting Options

Even if you do not wish to file a police report or otherwise pursue criminal action, know that the University provides victims with the option of reporting incidents of sexual assault to the campus Title IX Coordinator: Susan Hua, Director for the Office of Equity and Diversity at (818) 677-2077. The Title IX Coordinator is available to discuss options for filing a university complaint alleging violations of university policies prohibiting sexual harassment/violence; the university’s investigation process; confidentiality; and interim measures to prevent the recurrence of sexual assault.

Witnesses should also report sexual assaults to CSUN’s Title IX Coordinator. Note that except in the case of a privilege recognized under California law (examples of which psychotherapists, sexual assault counselors, and domestic violence counselors), any member of the university community who knows of, or has reason to know of, allegations or acts that violate CSUN’s policy prohibiting sexual harassment and sexual violence, shall promptly inform the campus Title IX Coordinator.

Alternative Reporting Options

Victims or witnesses may report sexual assaults to the University Police Department on a voluntary, anonymous and confidential basis as provided for by California law, using the Anonymous Sexual Assault Report form. Filing this form will NOT result in an investigation. The CSUN Police Department will only utilize the report for the compilation of statistical records for assaults that occur on the CSUN campus. A person who has been assaulted may fill out this form him/herself and send it to the University Police or may ask a third party (such as a friend or counselor) to do so.

Victims may also report acts of sexual assault to the Division of Student Affairs by calling (818) 677-2391 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday. For students who live in on-campus, you may also report acts of sexual assault to the Office of Student Housing by calling (818) 677-2160 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday.