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    Associate Dean's Office

Office of the Associate Dean

Dear Nazarian College Students:

The office of the Associate Dean of the Nazarian College of Business and Economics welcomes you to the college!  With over 6,500 students we are the ninth largest college of business in the country.   We have a caring and dedicated group of faculty, staff, academic advisors, career advisors, student assistants, tutors, and administrators who are here to help you.  In the Nazarian College we strive to see you each as unique, amazing individuals and we truly value equity, diversity and inclusion. 

No matter what questions you have or problems you might be facing we are here to help you.   However, we can only help you if we know what’s happening.   Call our office (818-677-2466), email us (busadmn@csun.edu), or come on by BB 3109.  We’d love to see you!   We truly care about you and we want each of you to be successful at CSUN, in your careers and in your lives.

We are excited to be part of your academic adventure and we are here to support you along the way.