David Nazarian College of Business and Economics

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    CSUN Innovation Incubator

Portfolio Companies



3Wins is an organization dedicated to diabetes prevention through exercise in societal segments at greatest risk


Behavioral Training Solutions is focused on helping educators learn to manage challenging behaviors to improve student outcomes. We leverage technology to deliver evidence-based trainings on a scale that otherwise wouldn't be possible. Our approach ensures that educators receive the knowledge and hands-on practice necessary to feel confident in implementing behavior change strategies.



Hush is a stylish streetwear brand for discrete accessories.



nFlux is an Artificial Intelligence solution that precisely and rapidly identifies search terms in all media sources: video, text, or audio. We dramatically expand the relevant search results customers desire to find.


Pramash LeanBoard: Being passionate longboarders as well as engineers, we thought we should make our own longboard trucks, which would allow us to carve and cruise around better and these are the results.


Prospoly Small Business Consulting is the only consulting firm that provides low price, customized services for companies of an Hispanic descent. .


TASL is an online community that improves student retention and engagement by facilitating academic and social collaborations.