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To build and maintain a garden in every school where people and plants can grow healthy. To deliver hands-on gardening classes in order to promote healthy eating habits, sustainability, and responsibility.


Let’s Grow Healthy is a garden enhanced nutrition education program that helps children and adults grow towards a healthier lifestyle. The program offers nutrition, sustainability, and wellness-based gardening classes that are hands-on, interactive, and tailored to specific grade levels. The goal of Let’s Grow Healthy is to teach participants about where their food really comes from.

At the elementary school level, the program is research based and is held for a total of seven weeks. Data that is collected helps to show the benefits of gardening on children’s nutrition knowledge, environmental stewardship, and a healthier lifestyle. The Healthy Growers training program is designed for adults to learn how to start and maintain and urban, organic garden. It is an in-depth four session program held a few times throughout the year. Participants of the Healthy Growers training program learn everything from selecting the optimal garden space, whether indoors or outdoors, soil texture and health, composting, planting and transplanting, pest management, harvesting and everything in between.

Healthy Growers Training

The Healthy Growers Training is a four week course every Monday from 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM  that covers the basics of organic and regenerative vegetable gardening. There is a limited space for in-person slots, sign up today and learn from our garden experts! Deadline for registration is Friday, February 17th.