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Program Goals

The goal of the MMC Internship Program is to provide real-world experiences for future nutrition and food science professionals so that they may gain knowledge and practice skills. These experiences are designed to expose the student to a myriad of professional issues that are not often taught in a classroom. These include practical application of skills and knowledge, evaluation and feedback processes, interpersonal, interdisciplinary and mentoring relationships as well as general work habits. Through professional experiences, students are better prepared to enter into, function and succeed as viable members of the workforce providing service and education to those in need. Further, the programs fulfill the mission of the Magaram Center by providing valuable nutrition services to the community.


Current Internship Programs

The Marilyn Magaram Center for Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics offers a number of Internship Programs for undergraduate and graduate students. 

MMC Internship Requirements:

  • Must be a currently enrolled CSUN student.
  • Volunteer a minimum of 50 hours per semester (Fall 2019 - Spring 2020).
  • Complete professional development assessment, internship reflection, and internship evaluation. 
  • Each internship has specific additional requirements which may include: pre-requisites, immunizations, background checks, and/or means of transportation. Please read each internship description for further details. 



***APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN for a limited number of positions in Spring 2020 Semester. See available internship positions in application***

          If you have any questions, please contact Internship Coordinator:



(NEW) Culinary Internship

Support culinary experiences hosted by the MMC with the goal to educate and build appreciation for cooking and connection with food. May include creating recipes, protocols, inventories, and educational materials that support culinary arts. On and off campus meetings and events. Pre-Req: Culinary Arts Associate Degree or Culinary Certificate, preferred.

(NEW) Sports Nutrition Internship

Experiential learning to support the nutrition of athletes. May include the creation of educational materials, recipes, food, and nutrition strategies that are grounded in sports performance. On campus locations: Matador Fueling Station. Off campus locations: varies. Pre-Req: none for on-campus/interview required for off campus locations.

Community Educators

Plan, coordinate and implement community outreach events. May include educational classes, grocery store tours, and food demos. On and off campus. Pre-Req: completed or currently enrolled in FCS 207

Exposure to Food Manufacturing

Hands-on experience in principles of a food manufacturing business. May include recipe creation, production line, safety regulations, shipping, marketing, and sales. Pre-Req: completed or currently enrolled FCS 201/L + FCS 201 + FCS 304 Minimum GPA 3.3*

Fit to Win/Health Assess

Conduct nutrient analysis of food records and recipes + perform body composition analysis using the BodPod. Develop marketing plan for MMC services. May include assisting Sports Dietitian. Pre-Req: completed or currently enrolled FCS 307 + FCS 321

Food Science

Hands-on experience in food product development and sensory analysis. Includes recipe development, product labeling, marketing and sensory tests. Pre-Req: completed or currently enrolled FCS 201

Let’s Grow Healthy

Maintain MMC Wellness Garden at CSUN + create lesson plans to teach garden enhanced nutrition education in local schools. Learn gardening skills, composting, and sustainability practices. Pre-Req: Completed or currently enrolled FCS 207 + SED 525*

Public Policy Internship

Stay up-to-date on policies that address nutrition and food science issues. Write articles, attend committee meetings, and collaborate with organizations to promote public policy awareness. Pre-Req: completed or currently enrolled FCS 380 + FCS 207*

Nutrition Justice 

Create resources to improve food access & nutrition education. Support Food Recovery Network with food transportation & membership recruitment. Pre-Req completed or currently enrolled FCS 207 or HSCI 337

Social Media

Develop marketing content + materials for MMC programs, events, and services to be shared via multiple social media platforms. Pre-Req: none

Child Nutrition 

Provide healthy snacks to kids at the Child & Family Studies Center “Lab School” on campus. Provide food prep, parent education, and create cycle menus. Pre-Req: Completed or currently enrolled in FCS 307 + 321*

CalFresh Living Healthy Living

Teach nutrition lessons and hands-on gardening activities at local schools. Increase recognition of SNAP-Ed via outreach & recruitment. Pre-Req: completed or currently enrolled FCS 207 + SED 525*

"MMC Talks" 

Plan and implement webinars and/or guest speaker events that address relevant topics in the field of food science, nutrition, dietetics, and professional development. Pre-Req: none