Employee COVID-19 Vaccination Information

CSU & Kaiser Permanente present  COVID-19 Vaccinations: The Latest on the Pandemic  | Tuesday, July 20, 2021 2-3 p.m.

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Learn how to obtain a copy of your COVID-19 Vaccination Records here!                   

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is currently distributing the COVID-19 vaccine to residents in the following group(s):

  • All individuals age 12 and older.

More information for LA County residents is available at the COVID-19 Vaccination Hub site.

While many sites no longer require appointments, eligible workers may make appointments through their healthcare provider or as they become available through the Los Angeles County website at:


In order to be vaccinated at the time of your appointment at a LA County Public Health vaccination site, you must bring document(s) to show all 3 of the following.  If obtaining a vaccination with your healthcare provider or elsewhere, please check their site for required documentation.

(Note: one document may cover more than one requirement e.g. a work badge with photo and an LA County workplace would meet all 3 criteria).

  1. Photo ID (does not have to be government issued), and
  2. Proof that you are age 12 or older (learn more here about age verification/documentation, especially for those aged 12-17).

Faculty and staff who live in different counties, should check their respective health department website for relevant information.  For more information on health & safety, visit:

How to Generate and Print a Verification of Employment Letter - Now with CSUN Address

Note: If you printed a verification letter prior to February 28th, you may want to download an updated version as it will now display the CSUN Logo and address.

Go to and select "Get Started."

  1. Scroll down to Employee Registration and select "Register."
  2. Enter the Company Code = CSN440, provide the rest of the required information, and select "Register."
  3. You will receive an email to validate your email address. Please click on the link and input your email address. Once your email address is validated, you may select the Login link to access your account and choose from the available options.
  4. Once logged into the Employee Services page, select Verification of Employment Express Letter.
    1. If you hold more than one appointment, select "VOE Express Letter with Position History Table"
  5. Verify data and select finish.
  6. Download the document, save, and print.

For additional assistance or questions on the employment verification letter, please go to or e-mail

How to Generate and Print a Pay Warrant Paystub

If you are not already enrolled in CA Employee Connect (CEC), you will need to create a CEC account.  Once registered, you will be able to login to view and print your earnings statements/paychecks (current tax year and 2 tax years prior); and view and print W-2 information (3 years are available).

To Register:

  1. Have a recent (not necessarily the last) paper pay stub in hand
    1. It has information you will need that is not available from Payroll
    2. You must be a state-side employee
  2. Go to Cal Employee Connect
  3. Select Register
  4. Follow the prompts with these helpful tips:
    1. Select the Department "CSU, Northridge"
    2. Enter the Agency Code "253"
    3. Enter the Earnings Statement Number of the pay stub from step 1. You will need to enter this number with a leading zero and in the format shown in CEC
    4. Enter the Total Deductions on the pay stub from step 1.
    5. Enter your SSN, Date of Birth, and a unique username and password when prompted.

Log-In & Access Documents:

  1. Log-In to Cal Employee Connect
  2. To access a copy of a Pay Warrant (pay stub):
    1. Within the Earnings Summary box, select the most recent Issue Date under "Your most recent earnings statements."
    2. Once data appears, select "Download this earnings statement" to view, download, and print the familiar format of your Pay Warrant (pay stub).

Note: The Pay Warrant displays "State of California" as your employer so you will need additional document(s) to evidence your position in Education.

For more information on CEC, which is owned and maintained by the CA State Controller's Office, visit our website at: