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Total Instructional Employment Disclosure (TIED) form

Total Instructional Employment Disclosure (TIED) form

The Total Instructional Employment Disclosure (TIED) form is completed each semester of the academic year (fall and spring) by employees with specific instructional appointments. The form is located within the CSUN portal. Once submitted, the form is processed and routed for approvals through completion. The automated workflow enables a paperless and quick processing of the TIED form!



If you have any technical issues accessing or submitting the TIED form, please click here to see the IT department's website, which covers common browser and access issues: https://www.csun.edu/it/tied

Still Need Help? This page focuses on common academic and appointment questions about completing the TIED form. Please keep reading:



What Is The “TIED” Form?

About the TIED Form

The Total Instructional Employment Disclosure Form (TIED Form) is submitted by faculty members and Academic Student Employees at the start of each semester. It discloses your instructional workload and appointments for the semester across CSU campuses. This information allows the university to monitor overall employment and ensure compliance with collective bargaining agreements.


Who Needs to Submit the TIED Form?

All faculty members and Academic Student Employees (Teaching Associates (TAs), Graduate Assistants (GAs), and Instructional Student Assistants (ISAs)) with an active appointment for the semester need to submit the form.

Lecturers can teach in multiple departments on campus. Their employment in each department should be listed in units per semester. Lecturer appointments at CSUN must total no more than 15 units per semester. If a faculty member’s total units per semester is more than 15 units, please get in touch with the Office of Faculty Affairs. Lecturers can take on Stateside teaching appointments between different CSU campuses. The limit for a part-time lecturer to teach between 2 or more campuses in a semester is 18.75 units.


Per Article 36.5 of the CBA:

Limitation on Additional Employment  36.5

A faculty unit employee shall be limited in CSU employment to the equivalent of one (1) full-time position in their primary or normal employment. 

An “overage” of up to twenty five percent (25%) of a full-time position shall be allowed if the overage employment: 

(a) consists of employment of a substantially different nature from their primary or normal employment;

(b) is funded from non-general fund sources;

(c) is the result of the accrual of parttime employment on more than one (1) campus; or

(d) is necessary to meet a temporary faculty employee’s entitlement to full-time work, or to offer work to a part-time temporary faculty employee up to full time under provision 12.29 (a) (8) or (b) (9). 

However, in no case shall a faculty unit employee’s entitlement to subsequent employment at a campus exceed full-time in any academic term.


When is the Deadline to Submit?

The form is due before the first day of instruction each semester. Please submit the form promptly – thank you!


Help! I Cannot Find Or Access The Form/I Cannot Push “Submit”/I’m Having A Technical Issue!:

If you have any technical issues accessing or submitting the TIED form, please click here to see the IT department's comprehensive website, which covers common browser and access issues: https://www.csun.edu/it/tied


Ok, I found the form! What information do I need to provide on the form?

Faculty should list their instructional workload, appointments, units/hours per week, and duration for the semester. Also, please list any additional CSU instructional work.

Academic Student Employees should list your workload and ASE appointment(s), including hours per week.


What Is An “Appointment” as listed on the form?

In this context, “appointment” refers to your active job at CSUN.


Do I need to submit the TIED Form if I don’t have an active appointment?

Only submit the form if you have an active Faculty or ASE appointment for the semester.


I Have an appointment, but I’m on Leave (Sabbatical, Difference-in-Pay…) - how should I fill out the form?

Still submit the form with your regular faculty appointment listed. (For a Full-Time Faculty, this would be 15 units).


I’m on FERP - how should I fill out the form?  (Note: FERP can be half-time in Fall and Spring semesters or full-time in one semester. Half-time in one semester is 7.5 units).

Please complete the form as you would for a normal semester, listing your units or hours.  A standard FERP appointment for a faculty working half time would be two 3-unit courses plus 1.5 units of service, totaling 7.5 units.

How do I record “release time/reassigned time?”

List your regular tenure-track appointment, including release time/reassigned time.  For example, if you have three units of reassigned time for the Exceptional Service to Students Award, count those three units as regular instructional units.


I'm a lecturer with appointments in multiple departments. How should I record this?

List your employment in each department separately in units per semester. As a reminder, your total lecturer appointment at CSUN cannot exceed 15 units per semester.


I’m an Academic Student Employee and do not know my exact schedule yet. How many hours do I put on the form?

Please list the total number of hours you have been hired (for example, 10 hours or 20 hours). It is ok if you do not have your “exact” weekly schedule yet or do not always work the total assigned number of hours.


Which Student Workers need to fill out this form?

Only R11 student employees: Teaching Associates (TAs), Graduate Assistants (GAs), or Instructional Student Assistants (ISAs). You do not need to fill out this form if you are a non-R11 student worker (for example, Student Assistant/SA). If you have any questions about your job category, please ask your supervisor.




Teaching Associates are non-exempt employees who may be appointed up to 1.0 Full time Equivalent.

Graduate Assistants are non-exempt employees and CSU policy limits their appointment to no more than 0.5 Full Time Equivalent.

Instructional Student Assistants are non-exempt employees and CSU policy limits their work assignment to no more than 20 hours in a week during periods of instruction.


Who can I contact for help with the form?

Contact your supervisor (Department Coordinator, Chair, Supervisor, or Dean) for specifics on your assignments, units, hours, or how to fill out the form.

For technical support, please get in touch with IT at helpcenter@csun.edu or https://www.csun.edu/it/need-help

For any other TIED form questions, contact the Office of Faculty Affairs.