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Preparing for Your First Review: PIFs, PAFs, and RTP

Helpful resource from the Personnel, Planning and Review Committee:



For an overview of general information regarding the RTP product with Interfolio, please take a look at the general Interfolio RTP guide.

CSUN is a partnered institution. Be sure to login using your CSUN user ID and Password by selecting “California State University, Northridge” from the drop-down menu of “partnered institutions”.  For help with this process, please visit the Single Sign On instructions(.pdf).

For technical support from Interfolio, click here.



CSUN Interfolio Assistance email: e.rtp@csun.edu

Interfolio Technical Help email: 

Interfolio Support Line: (877) 997-8807. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 9AM-6PM.


For help on navigating your RTP case on Interfolio, please visit the product help page for candidates.

For a “how-to” guide on uploading files into your e-PIF case, please watch this e-PIF video guide.

Sharing Materials with Others


If you want to be able to share your Packet/e-PIF materials to get feedback from others, before you submit your e-PIF for review, you’ll want to start by building a “Collection” in your Dossier.  The Dossier has sharing capabilities, whereas the Packet/e-PIF section does not.  When you upload documents into a Collection in your Dossier, you can pull those same materials into your Packet(e-PIF) later.  


You can find instructions for building your Collection in Dossier here. We recommend that you name them in a way that is easy to identify, for example: 2nd year Review, 2018-19 AY, etc.


You can find instructions on sharing your Dossier materials to receive feedback before submitting for review here.  


For more Dossier assistance, please click here.


How to view a review a letter (for candidates):

-          You will receive an email prompting you to log into your account to view files.

-          Log in and select your institutional account.

-          If you see an action item indicating that a shared file requires a response, click to open the case to view the file. Otherwise, simply open your packet.

-          Click “committee files” in the upper right corner of the screen. Files shared with you will appear listed.

-          Click title of the file, or “view” to open.


How to respond to a review letter (for candidates):

-          Select “send response” before the due date to respond.

-          Upload a file with your response.

-          Click to “send”.

-          Submitted response will appear along with shared files in the list of committee files.



The Chair of each personnel committee, Dean, Department Chair are assigned the role of “Committee Manager” in Interfolio. For more assistance and information, please click here.

Once a faculty member has submitted their ePIF, if the department would like the faculty member to make any changes, the department must grant access to the faculty member. Either the Department Chair or the Chair for the Department Personnel Committee can grant this access to the faculty member. Please click here for step-by-step instruction guide.


All other members who are part of a personnel committee are assigned the role of “Committee Member”. For more assistance and information, please click here.

Watch this short Interfolio training video for Reviewers(.mp4)

Reviewers Step by Step Guide - uploading, sharing docs and moving forward(.pdf)

How to Committee Conversations(.pdf)

How to upload review letters (for reviewers):

-          Click desired candidate’s name to open case.

-          Open the “case details” tab.

-          Click “add” under “required documents”.

-          Browse to upload new file.

-          Select the section of the packet in which to add document.

-          Once uploaded, the document’s requirement will be labeled as complete.

How to share case materials with faculty member under review:

-          Select “cases” from the left hand navigation menu.

-          Select desired candidate from list.

-          Select the materials you want to share with candidate.

-          Click “share” and select “with candidate”.

-          Compose your message to the candidate.

-          ATTN: shared files are listed at the bottom left of the window. Click “add” to add more files and “x” to remove shared files.

-          ATTN: to allow candidates to respond, check “enable” under “file responses” on the right of the screen. Please note: you must enter the “10 day response deadline”, “message reason”, and “section for response” manually. You will be allowed to do so only after checking the “enable” button.

-          Preview your message and “send” when ready.


How to move cases forward and/or backward (for reviewers):

If the case you want to move is on step 1 (can only move forward):

-          Click to open the case.

-          Click “send case” to the right of the page and select “forward to…”.

-          ATTN: you will see a list of all committees and reviewers gaining access to the next, and can enter a message to the reviewers gaining access to the case.

If the case you want to move is not on step 1 (can move backward and/or forward):

-          Select the case.

-          You can move the case forward or backward (if possible).

-          To move an individual case, open the case page and click “send case”.

-          ATTN: you can send an optional message to the committee members when they gain access to the case, and can also preview the message to see how it will appear in the inbox of committee members.