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Welcome to the CSUN Sabbaticals Homepage. Here you will be able to find all of the resources you need to apply for a Sabbatical or Difference-in-pay Leave. 

A full-time faculty member is eligible for a sabbatical leave or a difference in-pay leave if they have served full-time for six (6) full academic years at that campus in the preceding seven (7) year period prior to the leave and at least six (6) years after any previous sabbatical leave of difference in pay leave. Credit granted towards the completion of the probationary period for service elsewhere also applies towards fulfilling the eligibility requirements for a sabbatical. To be eligible for a subsequent sabbatical leave, full time faculty members must have served full time at least six (6) full academic years after any previous leave with pay. A faculty member is eligible for a subsequent difference-in-pay leave after he/she has served full time for three (3) full academic years after the last leave with pay.

Sabbatical Eligibility:

NEW! We have created sabbatical eligibility tables to help determine when you may become eligible:


How To Apply for a Sabbatical:

The first step in the application process is to fill out the Sabbatical/DIP Leave request form (below). After the form is submitted, Faculty Affairs will create a Sabbatical case for you in Interfolio

CSUN Sabbatical/DIP Leave Request Form - Please Submit the Sabbatical/DIP Leave Request Form by, Friday, September 15, 2023.

The second step in the process will be to fill out the Sabbatical Application Form (below). 

Sabbatical Application Form - When you've completed the Sabbatical Application form, go to Interfolio and upload the application to your case. 

Per the PP&R calendar, the deadline for uploading the Sabbatical Application and all subsequent documents in Interfolio is Friday, September 22, 2023.


Step-by-Step instructions for navigating Interfolio as an applicant can be found in the Sabbatical Candidate guide in the link below.

Interfolio Sabbatical Candidate Guide

Step-by-Step instructions for navigating Interfolio as a reviewer can be found in the Sabbatical Reviewers guide in the link below.

Interfolio Sabbatical Reviewers Guide

 Post Sabbatical Process

Promissory Note

If a Sabbatical or Difference in Pay Leave is awarded, a promissory note will be issued. Please sign and return the promissory note by Friday, May 10, 2024 to accept the Leave.


In exceptional circumstances, deferrals may be considered. A deferral is not guaranteed and, if approved, is unlikely to be approved for a second time. The sabbatical deferral application includes a justification for deferral along with chair and dean recommendations. Approvals are at the discretion of the Provost. 

Deferral requests are due no later than April 1, for a fall semester leave or for the Academic Year and they are due October 1 for a Spring leave.

Sabbatical Deferral Application

Additional Work on Sabbatical

Faculty that want to work while on sabbatical/DIP must receive prior approval to do so. If you anticipate working while on sabbatical, please note it on the sabbatical application and include appropriate supporting documentation. Subsequent to the application process, faculty can request approval by writing a memo to Faculty Affairs outlining the reason for the work and including supporting documents. The additional work must correspond to the sabbatical objective noted in the application.

Sabbatical Leave Report 

Faculty members granted leaves with pay shall, within 90 days after return to service, submit a written report of their leave activities to the Department Chair and the Dean of the College for inclusion in their Personnel Action Files. Faculty that have not submitted their Sabbatical Leave Report may be ineligible to apply for future Sabbaticals.