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Temporary Faculty Range Elevation

What is Range Elevation?

Range Elevation is a specific process defined in Article 12 of the CSU faculty collective bargaining agreement. It is not an equity increase or requesting a "raise."

Range Elevation is a process by which an eligible lecturer may request movement between the lecturer salary ranges, e.g., from a Lecturer A classification to a Lecturer B classification. Eligibility to apply for a range elevation is limited to temporary faculty who:

    1. Are no longer eligible for Service Salary Increases (SSIs) in their current range and,
    2. Have been in their current range in the same department, for five (5) or more years.

Below are lists of temporary faculty eligible to apply for a range elevation:



What is the Process to Apply for a Range Elevation?

By March 29 (Spring Semester) or September 29 (Fall Semester) or earlier of each year:

The Office of Human Resources or Faculty Affairs shall notify those lecturers at the SSI maximum who have five (5) years of service in their current range that they may be eligible for range elevation. pursuant to provision 12.10.  In this notification the campus will inform the lecturer that receipt of a previous Faculty Merit Increase (FMI) may affect their eligibility for range elevation.

Lecturers that do not receive notification but believe that they are eligible to apply for a Range Elevation must submit an application by the respective date below.

By April 29 (Spring semester) or October 30 (Fall Semester) or earlier of each year:

Eligible lecturers seeking elevation must request such elevation in writing from their Department Chair. All supporting documentation that demonstrates the applicant's attainment of minimum qualifications for elevation to the next higher salary range that are not otherwise contained in the lecturer's Personnel Action File (see 703.1.2), will be placed in the applicant's Professional Information File, which must be submitted with the request for elevation. 

By May 13 (Spring Semester) or November 17 (Fall Semester) or earlier of each year:

The Department Chair will notify the lecturer of the Chair's recommendation in writing. If a positive recommendation is made, the Department Chair will forward the lecturer's Professional Information Files to the Dean the at the same time as a copy of the recommendation is sent to the lecturer. If the Department Chair makes a negative recommendation, the lecturer may request a meet-and-confer session following the processes outlined in 714.2.1. If the lecturer does not request such a session, the Department Chair will forward to the Dean the negative recommendation along with the lecturer's Professional Information and Personnel Action Files.  The Department Chair will not forward to the Dean a negative recommendation until a requested meet-and-confer session has been completed.

For your Application on April 29 or October 30, 2024

Lecturers that are eligible for a range elevation are asked to submit their PIF through BOX for the October April 29th or October 30th deadline.  A PIF (Professional Information File) is a document that a Lecturer creates to show proof of their professional activities. 

How to Create a Box PIF 

Once the Lecturer has created their PIF in Box and shared it with the Department Chair and Dean, Lecturers should send a notification email to the Department Chair and Dean that their PIF has been submitted for review.