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SUN Program

Welcome to our College of Education Self-care Initiative, informally called Self-care for U at Northridge, the SUN Program.

It is so wonderful that you are considering self-care as an important way to care for yourself and keep balance and health in your life. Self-care means taking responsibility for yourself to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle at work and in your personal world through individually determined, proactive activities. You are at your best when you attend to yourself in equal measure to others in day-to-day living! 

Self-Care News

Self-care and self-compassion

September 4, 2023

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As we face the many challenges in our day to day lives, it is important to remind ourselves to take care of ourselves and one way to do this is to engage in self-compassion. Self-compassion means treating oneself with patience, kindness, and understanding. According to Dr. Kristin Neff, “developing our self-compassion is important because it is linked to reductions in anxiety, depression, stress, over-thinking, perfectionism, shame, and negative body image” (Neff, 2013). Read more

Self-care and staying calm

August 28, 2023

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Next Monday we celebrate Labor Day, a day off in recognition of our dedication to our work throughout the year. But what is the deeper meaning that can be understood from this holiday? We must take time to rest if we want to be happier and healthier and avoid burning out. As important, we must REALLY believe that rest is essential for our well-being. Research strongly supports the value of rest and leisure activities, as discussed in a recent Psychology Today article titled “Transform Labor Day into Leisure Day”.  Read more

Self-care and staying calm

August 21, 2023

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As we begin the busy first week of Fall 2023, and have also been dealing with a tropical rainstorm, it is helpful to remember that we can engage in the practice of mindfulness meditation to manage pressures and stressors, as well as catastrophic events! Mindfulness meditation has been shown by research to have many benefits. Read more

Self-care in summer

July 17, 2023

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Summer is a wonderful time to engage in self-care in so many different ways. Now is the time to slow down and spend time enjoying activities that may not be as possible during busy times of the year. An article from the New York Post shared how 2000 respondents use their free time to invest in summer self-care based on a OnePoll survey. Read more


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