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SUN Program

Welcome to our College of Education Self-care Initiative, informally called Self-care for U at Northridge, the SUN Program.

It is so wonderful that you are considering self-care as an important way to care for yourself and keep balance and health in your life. Self-care means taking responsibility for yourself to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle at work and in your personal world through individually determined, proactive activities. You are at your best when you attend to yourself in equal measure to others in day-to-day living! 

Self-Care News

Self-Care and connecting

August 1, 2022


One bright spot in the darkened times of the past few years has been a heightened sense of the importance of interconnectedness. Sometimes this can be interconnectedness within our community that has happened as a result of our coming together across campus and communities to share healing practices. The Campus Care Recovery website is an example of this. Faculty and staff from many different areas of campus worked collaboratively to create one central location with CSUN healing and wellness activities and resources. This website will also be sending regular newsletters to those who opt in with resource and activity updates, wonderful presentations, and results from wellness research happening right here on our campus. Currently the website is featuring "hope and resilience."  If you would like to learn more, please go to and Read more

Self-Care and taking a mental rest

July 25, 2022


Sometimes we just need to take a mental rest. A recent meditation on the CSUN Calm App discusses the art of “Boketto.” This is a Japanese word meaning to gaze vacantly into the distance without thinking about anything specific. We can find lots of resources that identify how to be productive. But when we are feeling stressed and psychologically exhausted, it’s important to give ourselves time to stop and allow ourselves to just enjoy the moment and do nothing. Read more

Self-Care Reminders for Summer

July 11, 2022

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This summer is a great time to consider your well-being and the many ways to take care of yourself. “While summer festivities offer an often much-desired break in our day-to-day routines, the go-go-go schedules we create for ourselves can also become somewhat taxing themselves”, says Naomi Yano, a registered psychotherapist based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Yano states that “taking care of your own needs ⎯ your self-care ⎯ can make all that other stuff more enjoyable.” Read more


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