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SUN Program

Welcome to our College of Education Self-care Initiative, informally called Self-care for U at Northridge, the SUN Program.

It is so wonderful that you are considering self-care as an important way to care for yourself and keep balance and health in your life. Self-care means taking responsibility for yourself to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle at work and in your personal world through individually determined, proactive activities. You are at your best when you attend to yourself in equal measure to others in day-to-day living! 

Self-Care News

Self-Care and self-appreciation

May 23, 2022


As we come to the close of this incredible academic year full of achievements but also many challenges, we have reason to feel a deep appreciation for ourselves and all that we’ve accomplished.  Self-appreciation is an important skill for all of us to have according to several recent articles. With self- appreciation, we can reflect on our strengths, especially as we have pushed on even when facing obstacles, changes, and exhaustion. Read more

Self-Care and work success

May 16, 2022

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Did you know that self-care is a primary success strategy for your career? A Psychology Today article discussed the work of Michael Hyatt who states that self-care is a central component needed for workplace and leadership success. This week, as we send our graduates out into the work force, let’s remind them that they must take care of themselves, not only for wellbeing, but so they can be at their best in their work and in their personal lives. Read more

Self-Care, Stress, and Self-calming

May 9, 2022


”Stress is unavoidable, but how we respond to it makes all the difference.,” according to an article in Psychology Today. “Stress is an imbalance between your current coping abilities and the expectations or demands placed on you, including demands that you place on yourself — both real and perceived, Stress affects everyone. It impacts the mind and body in direct and powerful ways” And after over 2 years of dealing with the pandemic, and a myriad of other challenges at this time of year, we have reasons to be stressed. So what can we do to deal with stress? Read more

Self-Care and Mother's Day

May 2, 2022


Happy mother’s Day to all the incredible moms in our college and to all who celebrate the spirit of mothering in our society. It is so important to honor our mothers this week but also recognize that the relationship of having a mother can take many forms. Hopefully, there is at least one person in each person’s life that “mothers” them, showering love and acceptance, in whose presence they can grow their uniqueness. Read more


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