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What are the criteria to attend the Explorers program?

CSUN Explorers students and faculty at the new student orientation

The criteria are to have a diagnosed intellectual/developmental disability, aged 18-28 years old, and the motivation to attend CSUN and learn skills which will enhance employment. We look forward to enrolling currently individuals with Down syndrome, Autism, Cerebral palsy and intellectual disability. For a detailed listing of eligibility criteria, please visit our Admissions page.

Will I earn a degree by attending the Explorers program?

No. Explorers do not earn a degree through the Explorers program. To earn a degree from CSUN, an individual must meet CSU Admission Requirements, apply, and be accepted to CSUN Explorers earn a Certificate of Completion from our program. Having a Certificate of Completion from the Explorers Program signifies that the individual has increased their level of independence through significant progress in academic exploration, competitive employability, social competency, and self-advocacy.

Will I take classes at CSUN while in the Explorers program?

Yes. Explorers enroll in CSUN classes through CSUN’s Open Enrollment program, which permits members of the general community to take CSUN classes after enrolled undergraduate/graduate students have registered and where space is still available in the class. Explorers take a minimum of 6 units per semester, including Freshman Seminar. Students will work with staff on brainstorming classes of interest and developing a draft course schedule each semester. For more information about academics in the Explorers program, please speak with Beth Lasky.

How long is the Explorers program?

The duration of the program is 2 years.

What are the start and finish dates of a program year?

Students follow the CSUN academic calendar, usually starting around the third week of August and the program year ends on about May 30.

Do the Explorers live on the CSUN campus?


Is the Explorers program vendorized by the Regional Center?

At this time, we are not vendorized.

Can I enroll in Explorers if I am not a client of a Regional Center?

Yes. There is a private pay option. Please see the Description and Eligibility Criteria for Explorers page for more details.

Does Explorers offer 24/7 supports?

No. Peer Mentors are scheduled based on the students class schedule and campus social events.