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EOP Staff

EOP Central

EOP Administration

Shiva Parsa
EOP Senior Director

Jina Gonzalez
EOP Associate Director

Conchita Battle
Exploratory Coordinator

James Henry
Retention Specialist

Jenna Hernandez
Operations Specialist

Oren Jeffries
Office Manager

Terri Lite
Resources Manager

Leslie De Leon Tzic
Multimedia Specialist

Daniel Velasco
Multimedia Specialist Assistant


EOP Admissions

Rosemary Martinez
Admissions Senior Analyst

Diane Young
Admissions Analyst

Jesus Flores
EOP Admissions and Partnerships Programs Coordinator

Abraham Baeza
Outreach Coordinator

Adolfo Reyes
Outreach Assistant


EOP Milt & Debbie Valera Resilient Scholars Program (EOP RSP)

Orlando Roybal
EOP RSP Senior Program Specialist

Ashley Cano
EOP RSP Program Coordinator

Albert Martinez
EOP RSP Program Assistant


EOP Transitional Programs

Jason Lumague
EOP Transitional Programs Faculty

Alex Casillas
EOP Transitional Programs Assistant

Thomas Kollie
EOP Transitional Programs Assistant

Anna Ching
EOP Transitional Programs Assistant

EOP/Trio Student Support Services Program

Bayramian Hall 220
Phone: (818) 677-2358

Carina Alvarado-Alcala
Interim Director

Vanessa Fernandez

EOP Satellites

Academic Support Services are provided to all student through the Student Services Centers/EOP Satellites located in each academic college and for undecided students - the Advising Resource/EOP

Mike Curb College of Arts, Media & Communication
Nordhoff Hall 135
Telephone: (818) 677-2024

David Nazarian Business & Economics
Juniper Hall 2113
Telephone: (818) 677-3537

Engineering & Computer Science
Jacaranda Hall 1501
Telephone: (818) 677-2191

Health & Human Development
Sequoia Hall 111
Telephone: (818) 677-2883

Jerome Richfield 240
Telephone: (818) 677-4767

Science & Mathematics
Eucalyptus Hall 2126
Telephone: (818) 677-4558

Social & Behavioral Sciences
Sierra Hall 204
Telephone: (818) 677-2658

EOP Exploratory Major Advisement
Bayramian Hall 210
Telephone: (818) 677-2108


The Faculty Mentor Program provides mentoring services, training, and resources for faculty, staff, and students.

EOP Milt & Debbie Valera Resilient Scholars Program is designed to provide access and support to former foster youth. 

EOP Transitional Programs help students bridge the gap between high school, community college and CSUN.

EOP/Trio Student Support Services Program (SSSP) is dedicated to building a community of support and offers CSUN students the opportunity to participate in program services designed to develop the necessary skills to reach their academic and professional goals.