Transitional Programs

These programs are designed to assist students with their acclimation to the university environment. The program's goals are to give students a head start toward a successful college experience and the opportunity to begin building community with other students.

Our programs include:

  • Residential Bridge
  • Commuter Bridge
  • FreshStart
  • Transfer Bridge

All of the Bridge programs with the exception of FreshStart, include an intense summer academic experience with academic credit.

Things to know about EOP Transitional Programs:

• All EOP first time freshmen are required to do a Transitional Program.

• Completing a Bridge Program will satisfy the Early Start requirements.

• All of these programs are free of charge



The purpose of EOP Transitional Programs is to:

1) Expose the students to the demands of college;

2) provide the tools needed for students to successfully navigate these demands;

3) create a community of learners and critical thinkers;

4) develop support systems and student advocates; and

5) instill pride in their rich historical background and an appreciation for the diversity.