Training Programs

The Center on Disabilities (COD) sponsors national and international assistive technology training programs to expand the knowledge base of professionals and introduce newcomers to the disability field.

These programs aid participants in understanding the full impact of all forms of assistive technology and their potential areas of application. With more than 3,000 graduates to date, the Assistive Technology Applications Certificate Program (ATACP) is the largest assistive technology certificate program and offers 100 hours of a wide range of practical assistive technology applications and information.

The Center on Disabilities hosts webinar trainings to expand the knowledge base of professionals and newcomers to assistive technology. These webinar trainings cover a range of topics in the disability and technology field. See the upcoming webinars later on this page for more information.

California State University, Northridge – through the Tseng College – offers two master’s degrees in assistive technology. For more information, visit the Tseng College Assistive Technology Programs page.

Webinar Trainings

Upcoming Webinars

Please check back for information on future webinars.

Past Webinars

Introduction to Assistive Technology

 This webinar is an introduction to what assistive technology is for those newcomers to the field or those that are looking for a general foundation of the field of assistive technology.

 Participants will gain an understanding of the AT used for a variety of tasks and disabilities, the importance of assessment and strategies on how to connect the right technology to the person to accomplish a specific task. Participants will also learn about the different types of AT for different populations, and review the many AT resources and information on more learning opportunities. Topic areas include wheelchairs and switches, AAC (Augmentative & Alternative Communication), screen readers, text-to-speech and speech-to-text, captioning and video relay, and mobile and tablet technologies.

 Participants will: 

  1. Learn what is Assistive Technology
  2. Understand the importance of assessments
  3. Have a general understanding of assessment tools
  4. Have a general knowledge of types of AT for populations and/or for task
  5. Receive an overview of resources available in the AT field

Customized assistive technology training and workshops

The Center on Disabilities (COD) at CSUN offers customized training workshops developed to address specific training needs.COD contracted with businesses, schools and governmental agencies to deliver customized workshops or certificate programs. COD can tailor curriculum for any specific audience or focus.

If you have staff in your organization, partner groups or associations you collaborate with, we can present at your location and offer the ATACP curriculum or design a specific training, only for your group. COD can customize or focus the training within the ATACP curriculum.

These trainings can be delivered to you at a special group rate with a minimum of 30 participants.

The following organizations are a list of current and past contractors with COD.

  • Tennessee Department of Education
  • Clark County School District
  • National Security Agency
  • Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Santa Clara County of Education
  • Kansas Resource Center Independent Living, Inc.
  • Puerto Rico Department of Rehabilitation

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